TNA Xplosion Report – 08/06/2011

TNA Xplosion: Anarquia vs. Devon

TNA Xplosion: Anarquia vs. Devon

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 8th June 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Devon d. Anarquia to advance in the TNA Xplosion Championship Challenge
TNA Spin Cycle: Filmed in front of a live crowd at the Manchester Fan Party, featuring Magnus, Johnny Moss, Kip James and BG James
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D from Slammiversary 2009
Before the Bell: Slammiversary – Interviews with TNA’s finest on Slammiversary
IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett video package

Jeremy Borash, Taz and Desmond Wolfe are in position for the opening of Xplosion this week, where Wolfe announces the next match of the Championship Challenge – Devon vs. Anarquia. He then beats a hasty retreat, stating he has some business to take care of in the back.

Match 1: Devon vs. Anarquia.

Anarquia is accompanied by the rest of Mexican America. He grabs the mic and states that they aren’t going to just take over America, but the rest of the world too.

Devon interrupts Anarquia as he quotes something in Spanish, and it is there we see Devon’s family at ringside again.

The two tie up after Rosita enters and exits the ring to make Devon aware that he’s surrounded.

Devon takes Anarquia down with a headlock, holding on. Sarita then runs into the ring to allow Anarquia to roll Devon for a one count. Significant numbers advantage for Anarquia.

We tie up again, and another headlock from Devon. Anarquia shoots Devon off but Devon still gains an advantage with the hip toss. Then an arm drag, finishing the trifecta with a dropkick. A scoop slam and a two count for Devon.

Another tie up, pushing Anarquia into the corner. But Anarquia won’t give a clean break and kicks Devon, then right hands. Shoots Devon off but Devon counters with a massive shoulder block that rocks Anarquia. Side slam from Devon but Hernandez pulls the leg of Devon to break the count at two. Devon chases Hernandez around the ring, right to where Anarquia wants him, and Anarquia powers Devon down on the outside.

We come back from a break with Devon in Anarquia’s headlock, but Devon can elbow his way out of it. Devon into the ropes, but Anarquia privy to it and knocks Devon back to the mat with a shoulder.  Two count for Anarquia.

Chin lock, eye rake and biting all in one move from Anarquia to the sitting Devon. Anarquia breaks it and pulls the referee to the other side, allowing for the ladies of Mexican America to keep slapping Devon on the back and the head. Anarquia back on the offensive with a foot chock to the prone Devon. He then picks him up into the corner and puts numerous shoulders into Devon’s stomach. Anarquia whips him into the opposite corner but Devon powers out with a clothesline. Devon shoots Anarquia off, reversed, Devon with a flying spinning elbow! A neckbreaker, a diving headbutt and a moment to take out Hernandez, and a choke slam for Anarquia, and this match is OVER.

After a moment of celebration, Rosita and Sarita enter to distract Devon. Hernandez sneaks behind him from the outside and gives him a big headbutt to the back. The beat-down ensues 4v1 until “The Pope” DeAngelo Deniro makes the save with a pipe in hand! Devon’s family is very happy with this as Mexican America leave the ring. Devon questions why Pope is helping him, saying he didn’t ask for the help, even though he needed it. Pope looks to the crowd as Devon exits the ring as if to say “what did I do?”

TNA Spin Cycle: This weeks Spin Cycle is from Manchester’s Fan Party a few weeks ago with Magnus, Johnny Moss, Kip James and BG James as guests.

They are all asked about their favourite moment/memory in Manchester, and also plug the Maximum Impact tour, as well as the wrestlers who were at the M.E.N. Arena and Wembley last week when tickets were on sale.

TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: After the break, it’s Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D from Slammiversary 2009 for the World Tag Team Championships. The British Invasion join Don West and Mike Tenay on commentary for this match later on.

Before the Bell Special: The week before Slammiversary, we we get comments from many wrestlers on what Slammiversary is to TNA, to them and memories of past events.

IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: We close off Xplosion with the video package promoting Kurt Angle vs. Jeff Jarrett at Slammiversary from this past weeks Impact Wrestling.


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