New Immortal DVD in the Works

TNA Immortal Forever? DVD

TNA Immortal Forever? DVD

TNA Wrestling have confirmed the upcoming release of TNA: Immortal Forever? on July 19th in the United States. No UK release date has been confirmed as yet but HMV do have the title listed with a release date of 22nd August.

This two disc release details the rise to power of the Immortal faction in TNA Wrestling. With exclusive interviews from the people involved, this DVD covers the entire story: from the debut of the immortal Hulk Hogan in TNA, to the backroom deals, tricks, internal struggles, and the legal battle that culminated in the banishment of President Dixie Carter from her own company and Hulk Hogan taking over TNA Wrestling. Learn the truth about Immortal and so much more.

Cast: Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, Eric Bischoff, Dixie Carter, Jeff Jarrett, Abyss, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, AJ Styles.


About Ray Mullan
Ray Mullan is a longtime wrestling fan and Owner/Editor of TNA UK . Also a contributing writer to a number of other online wrestling media including, Wrestle Zone UK & Lords of Pain.

One Response to New Immortal DVD in the Works

  1. I am not too sure about this video release, they maybe TNA’s biggest names but I don’t really want to watch a whole video of their backstage stints and rambling promos, hopefully there is some good matches on there.

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