IMPACT Wrestling Report: “No Tricks, No Gimmicks” – 14/06/11

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

IMPACT Wrestling: “No tricks, No Gimmicks"

IMPACT Wrestling: “No Tricks, No Gimmicks”
Tuesday 14th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

The war of words continues between Sting and Mr. Anderson ahead of Slammiversary
Winter & Angelina Love d. Mickie James & Tara thanks to Interference from Madison Rayne
Footage from the Samoa Joe/Crimson bar fight
Mexican America d. James Storm and Alex Shelley w/BobbyRoode
 Jeff Jarrett had some final words for Kurt Angle before their huge bout at Slammiversary
Abyss challenges Kazarian and Brian Kendrick to a 3-Way Match at Slammiversary
Rob Van Dam d. Bully Ray
 Velvet Sky d. ODB
 Mr. Anderson & Gunner d. Sting & Eric Young

We open the show with a recap of last weeks events and ultimately the firing of Mick Foley. Am interested to see how this episode pans out as the go home show before Slammiversary. I have seen no spoilers for either so sit back and enjoy the ride.

As you can expect first out tonight is Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan tells us that as of now the Network have 100% confidence in them. Is it me but sometimes when they want to get something over they pump crowd noise in? Bischoff also tells us that they will also now present the X Division in a fair and balanced manner.

Bischoff now calls out both competitors for the Slammiversary main event, Mr Anderson(dressed as himself) is out first, followed by Sting. Hogan says that they won’t go through what they did before, he says there will be no one interfering in the biggest Main Event (at Slammiversary) ever in the history of iMPACT Wrestling. He tells them if they have something to say to say it now, not surprisingly Anderson has his had up. He goes on about how he has enjoyed imitating Sting and mocking him, he also says at Slammiversary he will have his hand raised and he will be the new TNA (did he just say TNA???) World Heavyweight Champion…Champion! As he goes to pass the mic to Sting he drops it. Sting tells us he can’t lose as he holding the title is the only thing that stand between Hogan and Bischoff making a mockery of the company. He goes on to tell us 1 of 2 things need to happen before he leaves he will stay in Hogan and Bischoff’s faces until they disappear or 2 that the real Hulk Hogan would stand up again the one we all remember. He goes on about the infection in iMPACT Wrestling as in it being Eric Bischoff, he tells Hogan to cut him loose and that Hogan does have a choice.

Up next we have Mickie James and Tara Vs Winter and Angelina Love. Christy Hemme is on ring duties, looks like this is the way they are going to go now. Is it me or are Mickie’s shorts getting shorter?

Despite everything, Winter can wrestle, I will be glad when they change direction of her character. Saying that Angelina is playing the drugged / under Winter’s Spell very well. This is a decent match 3/4 of these knockouts for me are 3 of the best female wrestlers in the business at the moment. Saying that Angelina is passable in the ring too. As we get to the business end of the match Madison Rayne runs down and pulls Tara off the apron as Mickie was about to make the tag, for me I thought we had seen the back of Madison for a while but I guess you can’t have everything. Angelina picked up the win with an impressive backbreaker kind of move.

Winners Winter and Angelina Love

After the match Angelina chokes out Mickie possibly gaining an advantage for Winter at the PPV.

In the back we see Beer Guns (James Storm and Alex Shelly along with Bobby “don’t call me Robert”  Roode) Roode tells us he feels strange and he is the outsider. I think this could be the start of the break up of Beer Money just going by Roode’s name change and his interaction with Hogan, he could be pushing up the roster as a singles competitor soon.

We see Hernandez and Mexican America in the back and he is running his mouth saying how they always get less. Basically that the match is a non title!

We see footage of a bar fight between Samoa Joe and Crimson, filmed on a “cell phone” all I can say it is a bloody good cell phone not that grainy lol. I have to say that this was a brilliantly done angle, showed that Crimson is vulnerable and Joe is still strong. Am still not sure though who they are trying to build as face and heel, this could just be what they want and both are really tweeners anyway.

We see Jeff Jarrett arriving and refusing to talk. I however feel we may not have seen the last of Mr Jarrett tonight.

Joining Mike Tenay and Taz at the broadcast booth now is our own British Invasion Magnus and Douglas Williams who are facing Beer Guns / Motor Money.  Anyway out for their match is Mexican America followed by Gun Money (sorry I think that is the last way of doing it now). The only thing I am confused by and I’m not complaining is how did British Invasion become number 1 contenders when after last month Mexican America beat Ink Inc. and looked odds on for a title shot. Am glad Taz asked the question too.

Shelly and Anarquia start for their teams. The “makeshift” team as Magnus calls them seem to have some good chemistry and work together nicely, until Hernandez pulls Shelly off the top ropes. Magnus on commentary is funny using some good British terminology that Americans might not understand, “pr****” being one of them, it did make me laugh. Taz then joins in calling Magnus an “arrogant ba*****. Midway through I have to say Shelly pulls of a great looking suicide dive through the legs of Storm onto Hernandez on the outside. In the ring Storm hits a back cracker on Anarquia only for Sarita and Rosita to get on the apron. Storm blows beer in their face. Storm and Shelly set up for a super kick only for Anarquia to duck out the way and Shelly kicks Storm. Anarquia takes advantage and gets the pin on Storm.

Winners Mexican America

After the match Magnus says that is what will happen at Slammiversary. Taz continues to be funny and takes a shot at the opposition saying he wishes British Invasion “best of look with their future endeavours” lol. While in the ring Gun Money take stock of what has happened with Shelly trying to apologise.

Gunner is in the back with Mr Anderson talking about their tag match tonight. Anderson tells Gunner to put his stuff with EY to one side as they want to hurt Sting. I like how over the last few weeks they have managed to make Anderson who was a big fan favorite just a couple of weeks ago into a big heel.

We find out that we will have the final words tonight from Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett before their match up at Slammiversary.

We have a nice “Wrestling Matters” video as I say I love the way iMPACT Wrestling produce video packages. It is also a good shot at those in Stamford when they say they are not afraid of the words PRO WRESTLING (Vince that’s for you).

Mexican America storm the office of Hulk Hogan asking did he see what happened in the ring a few moments ago and at the start of the show there was an even playing field. Hogan tells them that no one owes them anything and Hogan tells them they better watch who they are talking too. If Hogan is going to be the boss now, it is good that he is equally crappy to both faces and heels and I like that it is a really good way to get a good reaction. I don’t know what has happened with Hogan over the last couple of weeks but he has really improved in promo situations.

We now go to a really good look back at the feud of Kurt and Jeff and how Kurt is looking forward to Karen not being at ringside for this one as every victory Jeff has been tainted because Karen has got involved. Next up we have Kurt and Jeff face to face.

Jeff comes out first. I love his music, in fact I love the music of both these guys it is really recognisable and you know who is coming, this is something I sometimes have a problem with as the music of some wrestlers is not recognisable and you don’t know who it is that is coming out. Jeff who has played the cowardly heel all through this looks suitably worried as Kurt enters the ring. Jeff speaks first saying that Kurt is going to listen to every word tonight. He confirms that Karen won’t be at Slammiversary. He goes on that he was the one that brought Kurt to the company, and that Kurt is the best in ring performer that the company has produced. I like how they have done this and how they have now without the kids involved brought real stuff into the feud, it really has added some spice.

Kurt was brilliant here just watching Jeff as he went on and on. Then he got on the mic and thanked Jeff for taking Karen. Kurt just said he will let his wrestling do the talking and left it at that.

We now head to the back and ODB is speaking about Velvet and she says she’ll show her what wrestling is. ODB is so funny, I am just not sure we really had closure from the Velvet and Angelina when Velvet got it on with ODB and Winter moved onto Mickie James.

Kaz and Kendrick are in the back carrying “Janice” and are looking for Abyss. I am starting to look forward how the X Division will get one over on the monster.

Bully Ray is out now and is issuing an open challenge in the iMPACT Zone. That is after he had a go at Christy, not for the first time tonight I am in agreement with Taz and that Christy’s Playboy cover was good. Anyway back to the matter in hand and Bully runs down AJ some more before telling someone from the back to come out and face him in a warm up match, anyone except Devon. RVD’s music hits and it appears we have Bully Ray Vs RVD.

For my knowledge this has got to be one of the first time these 2 have gone one on one. This is a great match and showed Bully Ray what he really is early going and he dominated RVD. AJ Styles was show during this match watching Bully, who decides to pay too much attention to AJ and RVD recovers and grabs the win via a 5* Frog Spalsh.

Winner Rob Van Dam

Velvet is in the back now saying that she’ll meet ODB in the ring.

We now see Kurt Angle talking to British Amature wrestling hopefuls and saying how he would like to compete at 2012 himself. I would love to see this but whether he is capable or it is just a dream we shall see.

Kaz and Kendrick, sounds like a comedy duo still looking for Abyss. They find him and he gives us some Chinese philosophy and tells us that he has now made the X Division title the Xtreame title. If this is fact and that is why Abyss is the poster boy for Hardcore Justice PPV we shall wait to see, but I think they may make that title eventually as I think the X Division Title is needed for Destination X next month. Abyss challenges them both to a 3 way dance at Slammiversary.

Tenay and Taz run down the card for Slammiversary which you can see tomorrow on Challenge UK. I will also hopefully have a report for you too as the PPV goes off the air.

Next up we have ODB Vs Velvet. As ODB comes out with no music Velvet blindsided her. ODB manages to reverse an Irish Whip into the steps to gain the upper hand rolled Velvet into the ring and nearly got 1-2-3. ODB just dominated Velvet for most of the match. I suppose that was to cover up Velvet’s limited capabilities in the ring. The finish came as ODB was choking Velvet and somehow out of nowhere Velvet dropped a DDT and got the win.

Winner Velvet Sky

That was a strange match just a glorified squash but the person getting squashed got the win. I have no idea where they can go with this now, I guess only time will tell.

EY is in the back with Sting sounding as confused as ever, not realising he is in a tag match with Sting. EY is just brilliant I think he is the funniest thing on this show. Sting tells him he needs him to be the competitor tonight and for once put the comedy aside.

We get a quick recap of the issues between D-Von and The Pope which happened on Xplosion. D-Von says he does not like Pope getting his wife and kids involved, come on Pope you know where that got Bully Ray.

Main Event time and we have JB in the ring introducing the teams. We have Gunner and Mr Anderson…Anderson Vs Sting and Eric Young. As usual Earl Hebner gets the customary boos when introduced. One thing I did note was JB said it was the iMPACT Wrestling Heavyweight Championship. If this is the case they now need to start getting rid of TNA presents blah blah blah and also change the belts that have TNA all over them.

EY has a beard nearly to be as proud of as mine is…I can say that is why I am growing it to be like EY lol.

Sting started on fire but a cheap shot by Anderson which was probably quite predictable. The fans were right behind Sting though Gunner played up to it looking like they were getting in his head. EY got the hot tag and unloaded on Gunner and then Anderson. But a clash of heads between Sting and EY made Sting the legal man Gunner picked him up and delivered his finisher for the surprise 1-2-3.

Winners Gunner and Mr Anderson

This match did what you would want it to do set up 2 matches for the PPV. It was also nice to have Gunner get the pin and will help him in the long run and it won’t really hurt Sting.

I liked the reaction thing in the back this week about how Eric was confused about what happened and Sting just walked off. AJ also crowed a bit how he has got in Bully’s head. He appears and security separate them.

We go back and see Sting who finds Anderson and they fight in one of the trailers in the back. Sting ends the show putting Anderson in a sleeper hold after putting face paint on him saying he won’t mock him any more.

Overall this was a good go home show for the PPV and week after week the TV is making me want to watch. I know people go on about the ratings in the UK but I can see why iMPACT is constantly beating WWE in the ratings as the product is more entertaining in my eyes, and if you had asked me that a little while ago I wouldn’t have believed I would say that.

Thanks for reading and I will hopefully catch you tomorrow with a PPV report if I can get it done if not I will see you next week. All comments are great and I hope you enjoy the column on a weekly basis. If you would like to follow me please look at


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