TNA Slammiversary IX Report – 15/06/11

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

TNA Slammiversary IX: New World Champion!

TNA Slammviersary IX
Wednesday 15th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Quick Results:
James Storm and Alex Shelley (Representing Beer Money) d. The British Invasion to retain the TNA World Tag-Team Titles
“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan d. “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner
Abyss d. Kazarian & Kendrick in a three way match to retain the X-Division Title
Crimson d. Samoa Joe to continue his undefeated streak
 Mickie James d. Angelina Love to retain the TNA Knockouts Championship
Bully Ray d. AJ Styles in a Last Man Standing Match
Mr. Anderson d. “The Icon” Sting to become TNA World Heavyweight Champion!
 Kurt Angle d. Jeff Jarrett to retain his Gold Medal and become #1 Contender to the World Title

Welcome to my review of Slammiversary IX hope you enjoy it and as I said last night I haven’t seen any spoilers for this maybe 1 by accident so I have no idea what will happen. Firstly I must say a massive thanks to my wife Helen who over the last couple of days has become a wrestling widow while I have written these last 2 reports.

So the show opens with the usual type video hyping the show. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to this “historic” 9th annual Slammiversary, they run down the big matches for tonight.

Our opening bout is for The World Tag Team Championship. Gun Money (James Storm and Alex Shelly) Vs The British Invasion Christy Hemme is in the ring doing the introductions British Invasion are out first. As Gun Money come out Bobby Roode gives Shelly the belt and then comes and joins Taz and Tenay on commentary.

After Storm giving Shelly some instructions Storm and Williams get the match underway. Really good double team stuff by Gun Money showcasing stuff Storm doesn’t normally do. After working Shelly over Storm gets the hot tag and cleans house. Shelly also did that suicide dive that we saw on iMPACT Wrestling last night.

After a bit more action it looked to me like Williams hurt his arm after Shelly did the double foot stomp from the top. He seemed to call to Magnus to come in and take over which he did.

Once again tonight we see a little miscommunication between the team and Storm inadvertently spits beer in the face of Shelly who then super kicks Storm in return. After British Invasion hit their finisher Storm kicked out at 2.999. Alex  Shelly comes back in and hits Sliced Bread and Storm covers Magnus for the 1-2-3 and Gun Money retain.

Winners and Still Tag Team Champions James Storm and Alex Shelly

Really great physical match good opener to start the show.

In the back we see both Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle arrive. Both look really focused for their bout tonight. It is one battle I am looking forward to and expect both men to put on a show tonight.

In the back JB is talking to Scott Steiner who shouts a lot and says he is going to beat Matt Morgan. His siren hits and he’s on his way.

Match 2 Matt Morgan Vs Scott Steiner

I always struggle with Steiner I remember him as the young tag team guy with his gruff brother and he would fly around the ring. Now he is the “Genetic Freak” I just think sometimes it is hard to think he was the same guy. Anyway back to the match! Morgan gets the advantage early till Steiner gets a low blow and a small ref bump to take control.

This is just your standard big man match slow and really did nothing for me. Morgan wins after some rest holds and a victory role by Steiner, Morgan hits the Carbon Foot Print for the win.

Winner: Matt Morgan

We go to JB in the back who is talking to Jeff Jarrett. This was a good promo but he still has to bring the kids into it, I just wish they wouldn’t.

Anyway we see another good video package regarding Bischoff’s plan to get rid of the X Division.

X Division Title Match Abyss (Champion) Vs Kendrick Vs Kazarian

Have not noticed before but am wondering what is going on with Abyss’ music why are they putting the bells in it sounds to similar to a bloke from the opposition. If iMPACT Wrestling want to be different then they shouldn’t do things others do too much.

I  know I didn’t like this before but am starting to like this whole thing now although I think that going into Destination X the X Division belt needs to be on a X Division wrestler. Early doors of the match and Kaz and Kendrick tried to get at Abyss individually but after Kendrick was thrown over the ropes and caught by Kaz they decided to go at Abyss together. Although the double teaming didn’t help much and Abyss managed to get Kaz on his own.

As Kendrick recovered Abyss landed on his knees after trying to splash on Kaz. Kendrick took advantage and started attacking Abyss’ knees. In more good action the X Division boys again ganged up on Abyss and at one point tried a double cover. Finally Abyss was out of the ring Kendrick and Kaz went at it. Just as Kendrick was building up a head of steam and laid out Kaz, Abyss pulled him through the ropes and covered Kaz for the win.

Winner and still X Division Champion: Abyss

This will be interesting now to see were they go with the X Division title and how Destination X will pan out. I will be a very interested spectator as I want to see how the X Division will gain back control of the belt. After the match Abyss gives us some more of his new philosophy’s.

Up next it looks like we’ll have the undefeated Crimson Vs Samoa Joe

These 2 just went at it from the off, for 2 big men unlike Steiner /  Morgan match this is a lot quicker from the get go. The fans start 2 chants one in support of Joe and one for Crimson. I loved the way Joe just went after Crimson’s knee, when Joe wants to go at someone he really can be one evil SOB.

Joe got quite a few near falls throughout this match with Crimson showing how he would not give his undefeated streak easily. This match was a real no punches pulled and I would reckon both men will have been hurting after the match.

The win came from absolutely nowhere when Joe charged Crimson and he hit him with the sitdown powerbomb for the win.

Winner: Still Undefeated Crimson

This pin came from nowhere and I was enjoying the match but the ending was just like they were told to wrap it up and it just ended. It just left me feeling there was more to go in this match.

After the match Joe put his hand out and Crimson shook it. He mouthed to him “We will do this again” I hope so as I wanted more!

In the back we have JB with Winter and Angelina. Winter firstly tells JB to move away from Angelina which I laughed at, I really love how good Winter is at talking but I just wish they would get rid of the whole drugged Angelina. I know I have been going on about this but I will continue to do so till they end this whole silly storyline. I am also confused how it is that Angelina is facing Mickie and not Winter? For me the way it was going it looked to me as if it was Winter who was facing Mickie not Angelina! The only positive was that Angelina refused to be force fed her “medicine”. She said she finally “understood” what ever it was she needed to understand. I am wondering if she really is on the same page, I guess this match will tell me.

Knockouts Title Match Mickie James (Champion) Vs Angelina Love

Angelina still comes out to Winters music (which I love BTW) even more confusing to me how Angelina is in this match!. Mickie comes out I think she has got new shorts these ones are not quite as small as the ones from this weeks iMPACT Wrestling.

As expected Winter got involved when Angelina distracted Earl Hebner. Mickie didn’t half hit the floor hard as Winter pulled her out. Saying that when Mickie threw Angelina into the steps it was an equally big thud and Angelina nearly went head first into them for real!

The fans really were dead for this match, and for the company’s prize PPV they should really have been on the road at a crowd that would have been up for it throughout. Having events at the iMPACT Zone all the time are killing heat in matches. The sooner management realise that they need real wrestling fans who watch the product need to be in the crowd rather than people who just get free tickets because they might get on the TV and be seen by Uncle Norm the better.

Towards the end lots of close falls including some with Winter interfering to try to help Angelina.

But now to the end, what an awful finish I’m not sure who is to blame but the jumping DDT was botched but it was enough for Mickie to get the win. sloppiness like this needs to be cut out, it was a horrible ending and whoever was to blame needs to be told. For me it was Angelina as she is the one who holds up Mickie and goes down.

Winner and still Champion: Mickie James

After the match attacked Winter attacked Mickie so looks like this feud will continue.

In the back we have JB with Bully Ray who continues to go on about no one else being a man but him. Calling AJ a boy again.

Last Man Standing Match Bully Ray Vs AJ Styles

Bully was out first and as usual chased poor So Cal Val around, although other than pass the mic to people I wonder what she is there for other than for Bully Ray to chase around, just an observation.

This match has stayed in the ring longer than I expected, I really thought it would have gone outside really quickly. Bully even asked the ref to count early inside the ring if it had ended then I would have been surprised.

Bully did take it to the outside using the steel steps to drop AJ upon them. Someone should have told the ref though that as soon as Bully touched AJ again he should stop the count. I have to say though I am sitting here wincing every time Bully slapped AJ on the chest. And when AJ begged him to do it I think I could have cried myself as you could see the marks all over his chest.

A great move was when AJ went up top with Bully Ray sitting up there and was going to go for a hurricanrana Bully picked him up and powerbombed him down instead. Although this match didn’t go outside and as hardcore as I thought it would it was really enjoyable.

Did anyone else notice they hadn’t bothered taking the TNA apron off the ring and just put the iMPACT Wrestling one around when AJ pulled at the apron. Come on guys it is these little details of small unprofessionalism that people pick up on and criticise for, I am not having a go I found it funny but others will pick up on it.

A real nice crimson mask from Bully Ray and really sometimes I think blood adds to wrestling matches, some people should take note. PG 14 wrestling is enough we don’t need mamby pamby stuff. Bully was also thrown over the top by AJ and then launched himself on him before Bully blocked a Styles Clash on the outside.

Eventually we did go outside and the match that was already entertaining became even more entertaining. AJ managed to get Bully off the stage and AJ launched himself off the stage and hit him. The ref got to 8 and Bully got up. AJ managed to get Bully onto a table and looked as if he was going to jump off the stage, instead he jumped onto the lighting scaffolding and started climbing and got to legit 15-20ft up and dropped an elbow onto Bully through the table. I have to say it was an awesome spot. As the ref was counting AJ staggered to his feet as ref got to 7 Bully kicked him and he went through the front of the raised announce table as the ref continued to count getting to 9 and Bully got up.

Winner: Bully Ray

What a match, it was brutal and entertaining both guys giving their all. You could say it was a spot fest but it wasn’t too bad, and it got the crowd back into the PPV. Mind you we say Bully won after the match he was straight back down on the floor, I just hope that the final 2 matches of the night live up to this.

Up next we have The World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sting (Champion) Vs Mr Anderson who before the match run his mouth with JB in the back saying actions speak louder than words.

Anderson comes out and gets his mic from the ceiling and tells us he will be the New World Champ at the end of the match, as he finishes his introduction Sting attacked him.

Stings make up looked more like The Joker from Batman than his usual make up. I think he was trying to get across that he was a bit pissed off.

They managed to get in the ring but soon went back out of it and am guessing this match is no count out as Hogan said on this weeks iMPACT Wrestling that there would be a clear winner and clear looser. It also explains why the last match didn’t go outside as much because this match was going to do it too. It was nice to see Sting looking more intense than he has done for a long time.

Finally the ref seems to have remembered he can use a count and maybe count the guys out, once again real silly booking when we have just had nearly 5 minuets out the ring he now decides to count, why not count at the start. Taz picked up on the fact Sting was favouring his left arm, and even for some moves that he was holding it funny. Saying that Anderson carried on attacking it so I think it is not as bad as I first feared.

As Anderson kept on at Sting I liked how he was only just getting his shoulders up not big kick outs which helped tell the story of the match.

As Sting who had made a small comeback was getting himself ready to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock Eric Bischoff made his way down to ringside shouting something. which put Sting off momentarily. Bischoff decided he was staying at ringside for the rest of the match. This all comes down to Sting calling him the cancer of iMPACT Wrestling on last nights show.

Anderson manages to hit the Mic Check but Sting managed to kick out. Sting then managed to hit the Scorpion Death Drop only for Bischoff to crawl into the ring and stop the count. Sting got into the face of Jackson James the ref and was PO’d that he only got a 2 count.

The ending came when Anderson blatantly hit a low blow in front of the ref and then the Mic Check again for the win. Could this be some sort of dodgy ref angle I see coming?

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion Mr Anderson…Anderson

A really good match and Anderson brought something out of Sting that I haven’t seen in a long while. The match also told a great story and a kind of screwjob ending puts Sting into a direct confrontation with Bischoff as Anderson as World Champ will face the winner of tonight’s Main Event. Kurt Angle Vs Jeff Jarrett for the Number 1 Contendership also if Jeff wins he gets Kurt’s Olympic Gold Medal.

Before we get to the match though we get an interview “via satellite” from Hendersonville with Karen Jarrett. She tells us Kurt pushed her blah blah blah and that no one at iMPACT Wrestling cares about her. Karen plays a good part but the less she has to speak the better her voice goes through me almost as bad as Madison Rayne! And did I really hear Mike Tenay call Karen a ball buster! lol classic.

Anyway let’s get to it guys. Interesting to see it is Brian Hebner reffing and not Earl! Anyway as always for the Main Event JB is in the ring to do the introductions. However the crowd gives Jarrett hardly any reaction Angle gets marginally better. Come on this is supposed to be the Main Event and the crowd are so mild for it it’s sad. If they held this event here in the UK the crowd would be going nuts as they probably would if held anywhere else. I think this is probably another subject for another day and I will ask Ray if I could maybe do a post about it.

Sorry rant over let’s get to the match itself. And the 1st big point was when Jeff backflipped Kurt over the top right to the outside, it looked really good because every time Kurt does something like that you have your heart in your mouth. Again this was a really nice paced match and telling a story, this is one of the things I really like with iMPACT Wrestling most of the matches are telling a story old school and mean something. We got some nice false finishes including an Angle Slam and Ankle Lock, Angle also missed the moonsault off the top rope, Jarrett hit Kurt straight away with the Stroke but only gets a very near fall.

We got our ref bump when Kurt had locked in the Ankle Lock again after some nice reversals of the guys trying to piledrive each other. Hebner went down holding his knee and if you follow closely either on TV or Twitter Hebner Jnr has had a bad knee and been out of action for 6 weeks. Jeff hit a low blow on Kurt then left the ring, only to go back and find a guitar under the ring and plant Kurt over the head with it. He calls for another official to come out and Senior Official Earl Hebner trots down the ramp and counts only a 2. As Jeff starts pushing Earl Angle starts to stare behind him and Earl pushes Jarrett right into a roll up again only for a 2 count. Again false finish after false finish really makes this match watchable.

As the match continued Jeff managed to get a dazed Kurt to the top rope and he hit a Stroke off it again only for a 2 count. Finally the crowd come alive chanting for Angle as Jarrett stands in the ring posing. Jarrett then manages to lock in the Ankle Lock on Angle and lock it in deep. Kurt kicks Jarrett and manages to break the hold. I’m out of breath while typing and watching this. Jeff tries to  go for it again only for Angle to reverse it in the middle of the ring and Jarrett screams in pain. Jarrett eventually taps out to give Kurt the all important win in “The Final Battle”. More importantly I suppose Kurt is now the new Number 1 Contender.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Kurt leaves the ring and stands at the top of the ramp looking at Jarrett laying in the ring.

Well that ends Slammiversary IX and I have to say I really enjoyed it as a PPV, from top to bottom it really was a good card and we had some really great matches. I am now looking forward to Angle Vs Anderson again a new match and a new pairing. Also where does Sting go now, I would imagine his focus will be Bischoff and Hogan. And what now for Jeff Jarrett I can’t wait to find out, as for the X Division heading into Destination X who knows. Join me next Tuesday evening as I report on next weeks iMPACT Wrestling as we start to unravel the fallout from tonight.

Thanks for reading as always and I hope you enjoyed the report I look forward to your feedback. All comments are welcome and if you would like to follow me on twitter please do

Have a great week and as I say see you next Tuesday.


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3 Responses to TNA Slammiversary IX Report – 15/06/11

  1. Ray Mullan says:

    Well done buddy, cracking report. Give my apologies to Helen, i know back in the early days of the site when i handled all the reports myself that PPV week used to be a nightmare, 6hrs of programming to report on within two days! Thanks again, greatly appreciated.

  2. Helen says:

    Thanks babe for mention, fab report it wouldn’t be u if u didn’t rant lol

  3. wh00ps says:

    Overall, I didn’t enjoy the ppv as much as I have previous ones… the highlight was Bully Ray and AJ, spot-heavy maybe but edge of the seat stuff and I was surprised at the finish.
    I was really looking forward to the Angle/JJ match but I was disappointed… I’m glad the feud is over as they have put on some really good shows but are obviously finding it hard to top what they have done before, it was just a shame to end it on the least-good (still good) match of the run. The ‘satellite’ feed for Karen was so obviously shot in Hulk’s office I was half expecting her to appear at some point in the match… I wonder if that was a deliberate effort to fool us.

    The main highlight of the show was Brian Hebner’s trainers! What the hell were they thinking?! They just look awful! Special ones for his knee, or intended to match the Impact Wrestling colour scheme… or did he just forget his school shoes…

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