TNA Classics: The legend that is AJ Styles

A few years back now I had given up on watching wrestling altogether.  WWE had fallen flat and there was no appeal to me anymore, wrestling was dead in the water and my interest had gone. That was until one day I was flicking through the TV trying to find something to watch and discovered a wrestling show on Bravo, I had never heard of or seen this show before so thought I would give it a go, this show was TNA Wrestling.

Having watched it I found myself wanting to know a bit more about this company so jumped on the internet, I found a DVD online called Best of the bloodiest brawls so I ordered it. After a couple of days my DVD arrived so I sat back to watch it, On this DVD I saw a match from the 2005 Lockdown PPV event between Abyss and A J Styles. From this moment I became hooked on TNA Wrestling and the reason behind my new enthusiasm was A J Styles. He was doing things in the ring and outside of it that ive never seen anybody do, his athletic ability is second to none and his passion for wrestling seemed to reach through the TV and grab me by the throat. So this segment of TNA Classics is dedicated to a man who brought wrestling back into my life and who has also served TNA since it was born back in 2002, sit back and enjoy the legend that is A J Styles.

Lockdown 2005

A J Styles Vs Abyss

This match was a number one contenders match for the World Heavyweight Championship. It was A J Styles who entered first, A J enters the cage and stands waiting for Abyss to appear. Abyss now enters the arena and makes his way down the ramp, Abyss stands at the opening to the cage looking into the eyes of AJ Styles. However A J  isnt going to waste anytime and bounces off the far ropes and somersalts through the cage opening taking out Abyss. The two men start to trade blows on the outside and Abyss attempts to hurl A J into the guard rail but in an impressive piece of agility A J manages to slide underneath the guard rail. He then springs to his feet, jumps on top of the guard rail and hits Abyss with a hurricanrana. They continue to trade blows again on the outside of the cage area when Abyss attempts to send A J into the steel steps, A J again using his agility jumps onto the steel steps, launches himself onto a guard rail and jumps over the heads of the fans to land on a wall at the back of the fans. A J then walks along the wall and jumps back over the fans to land a flying forearm on Abyss. Abyss is now stood infront of the guard rail as A J goes for another high risk move, this doesnt pay off this time as A J lands in the middle of the fans, Abyss now takes control of the match as the brawl continues in the fan area. They finally make it back to the ring area as the brawl continues with Abyss looking to further weaken A J Styles.

A J begins a fightback hurling Abyss into the guard rail, A J then makes his way towards the cage and goes to make his way inside it. Abyss however sees an opportunity to cause some damage, he grabs the door of the steel cage and slams it into A J  knocking him to the floor. As A J  gets to his feet Abyss again slams the door into A J this time the door hits A J full in the face with a sickening thud, Abyss isn’t done and uses the door one more time to capitalise on the situation. A J has now been busted open with blood trickling down his face, Abyss now throws A J in the ring along with a steel chair, he also grabs the steel chain that he brought to the ring and a bag of something from under the ring and places them in the corner of the cage, Abyss now joins A J in the cage.

Abyss continues to carry out the punishment by wrapping the steel chain around A J’s neck and tries to pull A J towards him, A J blocks this and manages to spin round to remove the chain and break free, but as he turns back round Abyss lands a devastating boot to A J’s face laying out The Phenomenal One. Abyss now grabs the chain once more and wraps it around one of the turnbuckles, he then attempts to ram A J’s head into the chain but this is blocked, A J then tries the same move but Abyss blocks that attempt to, Abyss elbows A J in the face sending him scurrying backwards, A J then charges at Abyss but Abyss is ready for him and tosses A J over his head resulting in A J going head first into the chained turnbuckle.

The blood is now pouring from A J’s head and Abyss is in total control of this match.  He now grabs A J and starts to hurl A J into the sides of the cage, Abyss attempts the pin but only gets a two count. After more punishment by Abyss he now removes the chain from the turnbuckle, he places the chain in the middle of the ring and goes to slam A J on top of it but A J counters this and DDT’s Abyss onto the chain. Both men go down but its Abyss who gets up first, he goes to inflict more pain on A J who blocks this and lays into Abyss with punches of his own and then hits an amazing standing side kick to the head. Abyss doesn’t go down though so A J bounces off the ropes and hits a hurricanrana but again Abyss is quick to his feet. Abyss is now stunned in the corner of the cage, A J runs at him but Abyss moves so A J jumps on top of the turnbuckle and goes for a high risk move but Abyss swats him away like a fly.  Abyss now picks up A J and hurls him into a turnbuckle where Abyss has wedged a steel chair between the turnbuckles, Abyss charges at A J but A J moves out of the way resulting in Abyss going head first into the steel chair. A J wastes no time he grabs Abyss from behind and hits a german suplex and goes for the pin, he only manages to get a two count on this occasion.

A J now in control of this match attempts to end it by going for the Styles Clash but Abyss is to big and heavy for him, Abyss tosses A J over his shoulder but he lands on his feet, A J bounces off the ropes and runs at Abyss but Abyss grabs him by the throat. He goes for a chokeslam on A J but A J counters and rolls Abyss up in a pinning move and manages another two count. Both men now are staning in opposite corners of the cage looking at each other, A J charges at Abyss but Abyss catches him and hits his Blackhole Slam finisher, Abyss crawls over to A J and covers him which amazingly only draws a two count from the referee. Abyss now frustrated at not being able to finish A J off grabs the bag he brought into the ring and empties its contents onto the canvas, the bag contains thumb tacks. Abyss again goes to hit the Blackhole Slam on A J but A J swings free of the move and lands some punches on Abyss but Abyss lands a boot to the stomach of A J nad now goes to Powerbomb    A J into the tacks. As A J is up in the air he lands some punches on Abyss causing him to drop A J to his feet, A J now grabs Abyss and hits a modified version of the Styles Clash on Abyss sending him crashing into the tacks. The crowd go wild as Abyss sits in the ring covered in thumb tacks, A J goes for the pin but only gets a two count. A J now climbs the cage and is stood on the top of it but before he can blink Abyss grabs the referee and slings him into the cage knocking A J off balance and resulting in A J being left hanging on the outside of the cage. Abyss now picks up the steel chain and climbs the cage, he wraps it around the throat of A J and proceeds to hang A J trying to choke him out. A J breaks free of this but Abyss is relentless in his attack and hits A J with some blows to the head and then grabs A J by the throat. A J in a desperation move bites Abyss on the thumb making Abyss release the choke hold, A J then slides over the top of the cage and over the top of Abyss he grabs Abyss on the way down and hits Abyss with a sunset flip Powerbomb from the top of the cage sending Abyss back first into the tacks. A J now crawls over to Abyss just as the referee is coming round after his encounter with the steel cage and manages to get the three count and the win. With blood still pumping from his head A J Styles celebrates with the fans now knowing that he is next in line for a shot at Jeff Jarretts World Heavyweight Title.

In Conclusion

This for me sums up why A J Styles is such an amazing wrestler, the moves he pulls off in this match are amazing. His athletic ability is second to none and his technical skills are first class. Its no wonder he was the first ever TNA grandslam champion, for me this is my favourite TNA match of all time and probably always will be, its the match that brought me back into wrestling and for that I say thank you. A J Styles is a ture legend and has served TNA proudly, I only hope he will be with TNA for many more years to come, Thank you A J.


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  1. Always watched WWE uptil the end of the stone cold Era or there abouts when it went really terrible and tedious to watch. I am now an adult with kids and never found wrestling interesting myself until flicking through channels early 2009 and spotting TNA watching a few matches and I was hooked its got the feeling WWE had back in the day not the modern day crap it is now. I don’t know what its got but it has it.. AJ styles is my 3rd generation favourite wrestler too. Macho man was my first and Edge my second.

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