All Wheels Wrestling

All Wheels Wrestling

All Wheels Wrestling is a new concept that will be a mix of motorsports and fast-paced high flying wrestling with plans to air on the Speed Network in the United States. While it is its own unique entity, AWW is owned by TNA Wrestling and is being lead by Hermie Sadler and Jeff Jarrett. The pilot taping for AWW will take place on June 29th, in the IMPACT Zone.

Yesterday they released information regarding the featured teams and wrestlers, read on to find out more!

– Via their Facebook Page, AWW have confirmed the names and logos of the four teams that will compete in AWW, team captains will be announced over the next few days:



Team Octane

Team Octane

Team Dyno

Team Dyno

Team Defiance

Team Defiance

 – Universal Studios Orlando issued the following to wrestling fans on their TNA mailing list, providing details on the All Wheels Wrestling TV taping and some talents involved, which appear to be Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and former WWE star “Jesus” Aaron Aguilera:

HI Wrestling Fan,

All Wheels Wrestling is coming!

Don’t miss this one! It’s sure to be Unique and like Nothing else you’ve seen! OK, you’ve heard the rumors, now here’s the info, at least as much as I know at the moment!

SO save the date and don’t make any other plans!

All Wheels Wrestling debuts June 29th at Universal Studios. This made for television event will appeal to both wrestling fans and motor-sports enthusiasts alike. Come witness the high flying moves of some of the greatest pro wrestlers like J.R. Lethal, Schwagg Dutt, Dubai and “The Human Cyclone” Awesome Aaron Aguilera, as they battle out in the ring in front of a live audience.

Directions will be as usual. Same time, same place!

You will be a VIP to All Wheels Wrestling!
You’ll need to print of this email and bring a copy with you (or show it on your phone) to VIP your entire group of no more than 11 on the Wednesday, June 29th taping.

Directions for attending:
Get an early start if you can and pick up your numbered ticket!
A Universal representative will be at the Studio Audience center for in park guests (located at the front of Universal Studios, just turn right after the turnstiles) starting at 9 AM for the ALL Wheels Wrestling show and at the Blue Man Group area for non-park guests , starting at at 10:00 AM. They will be handing out numbered tickets until 5:00 PM. If you are able to get there early, please stop by and get your numbered ticket to assure your place in line. You will then be able to enjoy your day in the park or City Walk and come back at 6:00 PM for the Wednesday show and regain your place in line.

Park Guests:
To get to All Wheels Wrestling, just walk straight in Universal Studios, past the Universal Store and turn left after Jimmy Neutron into “Music Plaza”. Attendants will be out front to guide you to the All Wheels Wrestling line. It is generally the line near the stage.

Non-Park Guests:
Just park in the Universal Studios Garage ($15 prior to 6 PM) and walk through City Walk to the Blue Man Group area (behind the Hard Rock Cafe.) Show the Universal Attendant your VIP email. From there, you will be escorted into the “in park” VIP line.

VIP’s must arrive by 6 PM for the All Wheels Wrestling show.

* This VIP email does NOT guarantee your entrance into the show. If we will reach our Sound Stage capacity of 1000 before we reach your spot in line, you will be asked to be in our Stand by line or possibly turned away. Please, Please get there as early as you can to assure yourself entrance.
Most of our line is not covered so bring umbrellas if it looks like rain and water to keep hydrated when it’s hot.
Also, the concession stand for our Sound Stage only accepts cash.
Be aware that All Wheels Wrestling retains the right to put anyone of their choosing in the front of the line for production needs.
Seating based upon availability and is left to the sole discretion of show management. Thanks!

Rudy Charles, former referee for TNA tweeted that he would also be working at the pilot on June 29th.


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