IMPACT Wrestling: “"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Anderson's Championship Reception"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Anderson’s Championship Reception”
Tuesday 21st June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Gunner disrupts Mr. Andersons championship reception
Devon d. Hernandez but issues with “The Pope” continue
Kurt Angle announced his intention to try out for the 2012 US Olympic Wrestling Team. Jarrett begs for one last match, so sure of victory he agrees to move to Mexico if defeated.
The Bound For Glory Series is Announced
 Eric Young offers Matt Morgan a TV Title shot given that he was a TV star on American Gladiators, Morgan declines but recommends someone who can help.
Austin Aries d. Kid Kash & Jimmy Rave in a Three-Way Match to advance in the Destination X tournament and with it a shot at an IMPACT Wrestling contract.
Sarita & Rosita d. Velvet Sky & Ms. Tessmacher to retain the Knockouts Tag-Team Titles
Post-Match Velvet Sky is attacked by ODB and a returning Jackie Moore (aka Jacqueline)
Sting confronts Hogan in his office. Delivers a chilling message asking him to remove the mask and bring back the real Hulk Hogan.
Eric Young “defended” his TV Title defeating Producer & ex-Wonder Years star Jason Hervey
Rob Van Dam d. Samoa Joe in the first match-up of the BFG Series
 Gunner d. Mr. Anderson in a Non-Title Bout
 Kurt Angle d. Jeff Jarrett in a Parking Lot Brawl, meaning Jarrett must move to Mexico

Welcome to this weeks review of iMPACT Wrestling once again am looking forward to this edition coming of the back of a strong Slammiversary PPV. Sorry it is so late but a few family emergencies to see to has prevented me from getting the report up before now.

We open the show with a recap of Slammiversary, including Jeff Jarrett saying it’s not over till he says it’s over and Sting saying he had been screwed out of the World Title, and that he will get to the bottom of it.

We head into the iMPACT Zone and our New World Champion comes out to the ring. The ring is loaded with all sorts of stuff like pole dancing poles, food and pinball machines. Anderson gets gut off from his rantings by Gunner who gets a nice pop considering he’s a heel, but it shows how well Anderson has done to get the crowd to hate him. But like I said last week I wasn’t sure who it was coming out as the music isn’t distinct enough.

Gunner tells Anderson that he wants a World Title shot, Anderson of course refuses him and tells him to get in line. This was good stuff and for the first time I saw Gunner with a personality. It also sets in motion a feud further down the line. The best part about the whole segment came at the end when Anderson threw beer in the face of Gunner (what is it with the drinks in the face this week?) Anyway Gunner was pissed by this and as Anderson turned away Gunner grabbed him hit him and gave a kind of Rock Bottom move threw the tables. Now this really moves Gunner on to a whole new level. He had good intensity here and even got the fans backing him again we have the seeds planted also for a face turn. The only thing here am not sure how good it is to have your new champion destroyed on the very next show after winning the title, and not even by a guy in the main event level.

Mike Tenay and Taz run down tonight’s show and tell us we’ll be hearing about the Bound for Glory series, now I have seen this written about in other places but as usual have avoided it so I can see it fresh as I write the report.

We go to Christy Hemme in the ring and she introduces Mexican America’s Hernandez and he’ll face  Devon, Devon motions to his family as he comes out. As the match just starts to build up The Pope makes his way down to ringside with a chair. Pope starts to talk to Devon’s family and distracts Devon and Hernandez nearly gets a roll up pin. As Devon hits a Thez press on Hernandez the rest of Mexican America jump in the ring and attack Devon and Brian Hebner throws the match out.

Winner: Devon

After the match Pope jumps in the ring at the request of Devon’s family he clears Hernandez and Anarquia out and then has Sarita and Rosita run into each other and fall out the ring. Devon however still has a go at Pope even though he helped out.

We go to the back where Mr Anderson has stormed into Eric Bischoff’s office and tells him to pull the leash on Gunner. They have a back and forth with Bischoff telling Anderson he could have solved the problem weeks ago by joining Immortal! Bischoff also tells Anderson that they have a good relationship with the Network and he thinks it would make them happy if he sets up a non title match between Gunner and Anderson. I liked this because it kept Anderson heel again Bischoff who before now was the big heel, he was more a tweener here and the crowd responded positively to him.

We go back out to the ring now and we have Kurt Angle coming down to the ring and he looks really happy. He tells that he is going to train for the Olympics in London 2012 because he wants that drive. And that is why he put his medals up against Jarrett.

Jarrett’s music hits and he comes out to the ring and he goes on about how they got the deal to bring Kurt to TNA originally, Jeff says it’s going to end the same way tonight. Kurt looks at him and then starts to bad mouth Jeff, this is all good stuff some of it very personal including how when Kurt looked Jarrett in the eye he denied that there was anything going on with Karen! Kurt said that despite all that he thought Jeff had respect for the business and when he said the match at Slammiverary was the last that he meant it. Kurt says he now doesn’t believe Jeff anymore. However if Jeff got a legal document drawn up that he would move to Mexico if he lost Kurt would do it. Jarrett agrees and we’ll have them meet in the car park later!

We now get the info about the Bound for Glory Series. I like the sound of this concept were points will be awarded to the 12 individuals who are participating when they have matches against each other. Now the 12 as far as I can tell are Devon, Samoa Joe, RVD, Bully Ray, Pope, Gunner, Crimson, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode and James Storm. The top for in the rankings will face off at the September PPV and the winner will get a shot at the title at not surprisingly Bound For Glory. I like this concept it gives different people a chance to get into the main event mix. I am not sure who I think will win but I would like to see maybe Gunner, Crimson and possibly Bully Ray be elevated up the card.

We see EY backstage and he bumps into Matt Morgan. EY tries to get Morgan into a match because he was a TV star on American Gladiators. Morgan says he is focused on the BFGS and there are others around backstage who qualify. I loved the line about Vince Russo being in Happy Days, a deffo LOL moment. EY is one of the  funniest people around at the moment and is good at what he does.

Mike Tenay and Taz then go on to tell us about the X Division only PPV Destination X. They tell us over the next 4 weeks there will a tournament of X Division stars of past present and future featuring 12 men in the X Division who will compete to win a contract.

This week we get 3 former stars Kid Kash Vs Jimmy Rave Vs Austin Aries

Aries was way over with the crowd and not the usual pumped in stuff either, more so than Kid Kash who of course was with the opposition recently so you would think he would be more well known!

This was a good advertisement for the X Division some nice fast paced moves and big spots. Unlike what we have been used to recently with Abyss trying to ruin the X Division. The fast action kept right through the match including a suicide dive through the ropes by Aries onto Rave and Kash. The finish came when Rave hit his finisher on Kash, followed by Aries kicking Rave in the head and hitting a big Brianbuster for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

In the back we see Miss Tessmacher and Velvet saying they are going to win the Knockout Tag Team titles, they say all this before they decided to groap each others bottoms. Now I have no idea what that was all about but hey lets not complain too much!

Anyway aside from that little interlude let’s get onto the match. Sarita and Rosita Vs Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher

This was your average run of the mill womans tag match. The only thing of real note was at the start that the other members of Mexican America were sent to the back. The finish came when Velvet got distracted by ODB when she came through the crowd. Sarita and Rosita double teamed Miss Tessmacher and got the win.

Winners: Sarita and Rosita

After the match Tessmacher was upset and left Velvet at ringside, Velvet is immediately jumped by ODB and out of nowhere Jackie. Security try to get them off but ODB and Jackie fight them off. Eventually the women are separated and Velvet is dragged to the back. I now like how Jackie is involved in this angle, having 2 women who to some maybe less attractive and act as if they have not been pushed as someone who is seen to be more attractive.

We head to the back and into Hogan’s office where Jeff signs the contract for his car park confrontation with Kurt Angle. As Jeff heads out Hogan looks up with a start and Sting is in the office without face make up and in plain clothes.

This was my favorite bit of the programme. Sting showed real intensity talking about when Hogan came to WCW. Towards the end Sting said “You have a choice Terry” at this point he had attacked Hogan and put red face paint on him. What I liked about this was it is the 2nd time tonight that makes you wonder how you should react to Hogan and Bischoff. Sting also acted heelish here in his whole demeanour. I am excited to see where this goes and want to keep watching week in week out.

In the back again and we see ODB and Jackie talking, as they do Velvet runs in and attacks them. However they again get the upper hand and leave her laid out. Again the out of control nature of all this is great fun and makes you want to keep watching.

We stay in the back and the mystery cameraman is interviewing Austin Aries. EY comes in and challenges the camera man. As this goes on EY superkicks the camera man and gets Austin to count the 3. This whole thing of EY not really knowing what is going on is fun and adds a little bit of light relief throughout the show.

We head out to the ring now for our first Bound for Glory Championship Series match. Samoa Joe Vs RVD

Once again a solid match on this weeks show, this has been a feature on iMPACT Wrestling and at Slammiversary over the last few weeks, it has made it watchable and wanting me to come back for more. This is far more than I can say having watched the recent PPV offering from the so-called bigger company in the business.

These 2 guys both look like they work stiff and therefore made the match a lot of fun. RVD managed to get the win via the 5 Star Frog Spalsh.

Winner and first point scorer in the BFGS: RVD

They show Gunner in the back having a cut from earlier stitched up he tells us he’s tried being nice  and now he’s gonna take care of Anderson.

Jeff Jarrett is shown taping his fists ready for later.

Back to the ring and although its main event time we have no JB doing the announcing, in fact I wish to put a complaint in we have had no JB at all in this show. Anyway its a non title match Mr Anderson Vs Gunner

This match did what it needed to do in my opinion, it elevated Gunner to main event level in one fell swoop. He managed to get one over and show the World Champ that he is no pushover. I also thought Gunner got a great reaction from the fans here and again not really a pumped in reaction. I think iMPACT Wrestling may have discovered another breakout star. And I really hope he does, I was unsure of Gunner when paired with Murphy (remember him?) but on his own he could have IT.

Gunner picked up the win after Anderson decided to showboat for a bit and did his bit where he asked for the mic to be dropped from the ceiling and said he was still World Champion. Out of nowhere Gunner grabs him and hits the F5 and got the 123.

Winner: Gunner

Bischoff comes out after the match and applauds Gunner, he wasn’t alone in this I wanted to stand and applaud myself.

We find out next week we’ll have Bully Ray Vs Scott Steiner in the BFGS.

Out in the car park we see a lot of cars forming a circle and the rest of the roster out there as Jarrett and Angle will settle their differences once and for all. Jarrett tosses the contract which states he will move to Mexico should he lose. This was a brawl a straight up brawl. Both took bumps on the concrete floor, it was just brutal and without commentary made it more interesting. At the end Angle delivered an Angle Slam on the bonnet of a vehicle and choked him out with his t-shirt. Jarrett by this point was motionless and Angle decided to walk off. The camera then zooms in on Jarrett who rolls over and says “adios”.

That was the end of the show. Who won I suppose Angle but who knows. Did Kurt read the contract properly. Personally I was sure Kurt would lose and it was a way to get him off TV to train for the Olympics in London 2012 (on a side note I did get tickets don’t hate me, but if Kurt did qualify I am thinking of maybe trying to get tickets to the wrestling too). Again it leaves us with something to go back to next week and find out what happens now.

I really don’t feel force-fed with what I am seeing on the shows lately, as I say on other wrestling shows, sorry I mentioned wrestling I can’t be talking about WWE. IMPACT Wrestling / TNA whatever you want to call it is going from strength to strength and I still can’t understand why it is given such negativity by people, more often than not by people who don’t even watch the product and believe Vinnie Mac can do no wrong. All I will say is people watch the show it is fun and the story lines are gripping and leave you wanting more.

Anyway that is all from me, once again I am so sorry for the lateness of this report, I will hopefully be back to normal service next week and have the report online as the show goes off air in the UK. As ever I would love to have your comments and as always you can follow me at Also tell your friends about the site and how great it is, let’s make the place to go to for all your TNA / IMPACT Wrestling needs.

Catch you next week.



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