TNA Xplosion: Alex Shelley vs. Okada

TNA Xplosion: Alex Shelley vs. Okada

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 22nd June 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Alex Shelley d. Okada to advance in the Xplosion Championship Challenge
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns – Ultimate X Match, from Destination x 2010.
TNA Spin Cycle: Featuring Desmond Wolfe, Miss Tessmacher, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan.
Footage from Kurt Angle’s recent UK Media Tour.
IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: Sting/Hogan confrontation, Angle/Jarrett’s Parking Lot Brawl.

Taz and Jeremy Borash are joined by Desmond Wolfe, who announces the next match in the Xplosion Championship Challenge. Desmond emphasizes that wrestling matters, and that these two are going to show that tonight.

Match 1: Alex Shelley vs. Okada.

We tie up and see a series of wrist locks from the two, back and forth as they reverse the others attempt to lock it in. Shelley breaks out of the final one and hits Okada with a forearm. Shelley locks Okada’s head in the stunner position, looking for an early Sliced Bread attempt, but is pushed off. Shelley goes behind Okada with a crucifix pin attempt getting a one count.

Shelley with a front chancery on Okada, who pushes Shelley into the corner. Both look for a clean break, but Okada swings and misses with a chop. Roles reversed, Shelley with a chop on Okada in the corner. Shelley whips Okada off, reversed. Shelley leapfrogs out of the corner, landing in an electric chair position atop Okada, spins it around and throws Okada down to the mat head first.  Shelley up, into the ropes, Okada attempts a hiptoss but Shelley holds onto the wrist of Okada, throwing him over Shelley as he lands. Drop toe hold by Shelley, then a tilt-a-whirl pin attempt gaining another one count. Arm bar on the prone Okada. Shelley gets to his feet with Okada’s hand under Shelley’s foot. He attempts to get the dry, quiet Orlando crowd pumped, then kicks Okada’s arm. Shelley is straight back onto the offensive with another arm bar, counted by the referee as Okada was in the ropes. Okada again tries to take advantage of the clean break by punching Shelley, but misses again. Shelley kicks Okada in the sternum and goes for another Sliced Bread attempt, but is again pushed into the corner. Shelley gets a boot into Okada’s on-rushing face, but Shelley is then booted as HE rushes out of the corner. Okada gets a one count.

Okada grips on a full nelson, attempting his finish, but as Shelley attempts to wriggle free, he instead opts to forearm Shelley in the back. Shelley on all fours. Okada wraps his hands around Shelley’s head, locking in the submission. Shelley again tries to pump the crowd. Shelley back up powers out with strikes, but Okada with a variation of a spinning neck breaker.

Okada again goes for his finish, but Shelley gets a rope break. Okada kicks the top rope as Shelley rests, his throat exposed. Now on the mat, Okada delivers a basement dropkick to Shelley’s face, with Shelley’s head bouncing off the bottom rope. Shelley soon slides out of the ring to recuperate, as Okada gloats and we go for a break.

Okada is still on top as we come back, with a neck breaker, and a pin attempt. Okada grips on a sleeper after the kick out, but it’s powered out of by Shelley who gains momentum from the crowd. Shelley bounces off the ropes and onto the back of Okada, gripping his own sleeper hold on. Okada forcefully shunts Shelley into the corner, then delivers several stiff forearms to the jaw of one half of the Motor City Machine Guns. Okada covers, but only a two count.

Shelley slithers to the corner to get help up. Okada is waiting in the other corner. Okada races in, but Shelley ducks, gripping Okada’s head tight and then face planting Okada into the second turnbuckle. Both are reeling. Okada gets up before Shelley, but is cut off every time he goes near him by right hands to the stomach. Shelley blocks a right hand, then delivers his own combination of forearms and left hand jabs to Okada, finishing off with a huge knife edge chop. Okada comes back with a clothesline, ducked by Shelley, and Shelley with a head scissors! Okada back up, attempts a kick, Shelley holds the boot, spins Okada around and drops down to smash Okada’s face into his knee. Enziguri from Shelley, Okada stumbles to the corner. Shelley runs in, but is elbowed. Okada powers Shelley down with a belly to back suplex. Two count from a pin attempt.

Okada stalks Shelley as he gets up and again tries to grasp the full nelson in, but again Shelley gets out, with elbows this time. Okada stumbles away, Shelley attempts a super kick, but Okada reverses and tries for the full nelson again, reversed again as Shelley throws Okada to the floor. Okada comes back with an elbow to the face, then bounces off the ropes, but Shelley gets the super kick on, and the door opens for a Sliced Bread attempt! It’s good, and Shelley advances in the tournament with a three count over Okada.

1st Round: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Suicide
1st Round: Crimson d. Robbie E
1st Round: Devon d. Anarquia
1st Round: Douglas Williams d. Amazing Red
1st Round: Alex Shelley d. Okada
1st Round: Magnus vs. Orlando Jordan
1st Round: To Be Determined
1st Round: To Be Determined

TNA Spin Cycle: Desmond Wolfe, Miss Tessmacher, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan in the seats this week, asked who their favourite X-Division wrestlers are, whether they’d be caught in a compromising situations like Congressman Wiener, and their favourite moments.

TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Generation Me vs. Motor City Machine Guns from Destination X 2010, which has Ultimate X rules.

Kurt Angle’s Media Tour: We get close to Kurt Angle as he’s interviewed by The Mirror and TalkSPORT on the upcoming TNA Tour of 2012, his Olympic try-out, the England National Football Team, as well as Meet & Greet footage.

IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: Xplosion’s final piece of business is to show Sting and Hulk Hogan’s intense confrontation from Impact Wrestling, and the Parking Lot Brawl with Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle.


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One Response to TNA XPLOSION REPORT – 22/06/2011

  1. Mark Dodd says:

    Okada lost his contract after the match it seems too as he has now been removed from the TNA roster.

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