Spike TV: Upping their stake in IMPACT Wrestling?

Spike TV: Upping their stake in IMPACT Wrestling?

The following is strictly a rumour at this stage. Its been bandied about on the internet but as yet I’ve found no credible source who can confirm this, so at this stage I’d take it with a grain of salt. Still a very interesting topic for discussion – would Spike TV/Viacom owning IMPACT Wrestling be more beneficial to the company or a further hinderence?

– According to a source I spoke to exclusively within the past few days close to TNA Impact Wrestling — and news that Spike TV’s flagship franchise UFC is looking like it will be leaving the network by the end of this year — TNA’s broadcast home in the United States is looking at the possibility of purchasing a majority stake in TNA.

Panda Energy is currently the company that continues to back TNA, but Spike TV apparently is aware of all the issues that is happening within the company with Spike being able to do very little with the company besides give “suggestions”. If Spike were to purchase a majority stake in the company, they could seriously clean house, a source tells me exclusively here at WrestleHeat.com.

As noted previously here on the website, TNA is looking a releasing a large proportion of its talent due to financial issues with the company. A source notes that TNA President Dixie Carter’s mother, Janice Carter, has been “hounding” her daughter to make some cuts within the company in order to clean house instead of employing names that aren’t regularly on television. We noted earlier that Janice wants to cut at least 20 names from the company in a previous report.

TNA has partnered with Spike TV since 2005, years after they aired one-hour broadcasts on FOX Sports Net and then shortly aired shows on the Internet before they partnered with Spike around the time that WWE left the network. Despite the large ratings gape between WWE and TNA, both USA Network and Spike TV are roughly available in the homes of 99 million people.

[Credit: WrestleHeat]


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