It would seem that TNA Wrestling have finally had enough of the Universal Studios crowd frequently packing out the Impact Wrestling Zone in Orlando, Florida.

According to a tweet from Hulk Hogan this afternoon, we gather that TNA and Spike TV have plans to take Impact Wrestling on the road for tapings, which will undoubtedly make the product look better, give it more of an atmosphere, an increase revenue from merchandise sales and ticket sales and an increase in exposure.

The news cannot come soon enough to those TNA fans that have grown increasingly frustrated with the stagnant nature of the programme in Orlando, thanks mainly to the audience. Many have questioned the authenticity of chants, cheers and boos, as well as the people actually in attendance in the audience for Impact Wrestling tapings.


About Mark Ashworth
Life-long Blackburn Rovers fan. Long-time wrestling fan. Passionate Juventini and Culé. 19 Year's as a "little Stinger."


  1. I don’t understand what the question of Authenticity thing is about? I’ve been to the tapings and everything that went on was on screen the following 2 weeks.

    • Ray Mullan says:

      Chris, I assume Mark is referring to the cheers and boos and that added in during the editing process. Personally don’t have a problem with this and WWE are well known to do exactly the same, hell they even go as far as to use stock images of fan reactions for close ups on their shows. Personally don’t have a problem with this as this only enhances the show, and thats what it is at the end of the day – a tv show.

      Personally think this is a bad move from TNA. They aren’t in a position to draw good houses on the road at the big arenas. Their going to simply increase expenditure, piss off talent with extended travel and not to mention kill their house show business (why go to a house show, just wait and go see impact!).

      Universal Studios is NOT the problem – TNA’s current product is. They need to be patient, build stars, focus on their own product and stop worrying about trying to compete with WWE. Personally think the next step would be to go LIVE every week – to me thats a much more important element for a show than the venue.

    • Ray is right, Chris. It’s the “piping in” of sound through the PA System, as well as the hiring of “cheerleaders” that look pretty and are asked to make as much noise as possible.

      In regards to the move itself, I see it as TNA’s attempt to go live. If they don’t try it now, they might never. Best to test the waters and see how it goes. They’ll never be short of a venue.

      It’s great for the programme, the fans in other places and the company, however it might not be for the bank balance and the talent.

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