IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff's Crimson Mask"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff's Crimson Mask"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff’s Crimson Mask”
Tuesday 28th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Jeff Jarrett is forced to keep his word and move to Mexico
Sting attacks Eric Bischoff and smears him with red paint
Bully Ray d. Scott Steiner in a BFG Series match after using a chain for a tainted victory
Bischoff asks Mr. Anderson to reconsider his offer of a spot in Immortal
ODB & Jackie d. Velvet Sky & Ms. Tessmacher
A war of words between Madison Rayne and Tara ahead of their July 14th match
Matt Morgan & Crimson d. Beer Money in a BFG Series Tag Match
AJ announces his return to the X-Division at Destination X, agrees to a match with Daniels, who overlooks Samoa Joe who seemed set to offer a rematch of their legendary Unbreakable Three-Way.
Samoa Joe takes out his frustrations by attacking Kazarian backstage
Zima Ion d. Federico Palacios & Dakota Darsow to progress to Destination X and a chance at an IMPACT Wrestling contract.
Winter d. TNA Knockouts Champ Mickie James in a non-title bout following interference from Angelina Love
Abyss d. Sting via DQ after Sting uses a Barbed Wire glove to cut him open as Mr. Anderson looked on.

I’ll start by apologizing again for the lateness of the report have got a few things taking up my time at the mo. So if Ray can’t get the usually graphics and stuff up as I know he is busy for a bit himself too so I hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of this weeks column.

The show opens with a recap of the events of last week between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. We head inside to the iMPACT Wrestling Zone and Jeff is talking to Eric Bischoff about how he comments last week were a joke. Eric says the Network want it to stand, and anyway they need a guy in Mexico to make the rules down their and Jeff would be perfect. Good stuff and this explains why I have been seeing bits about Jeff being in Mexico and winning titles down their, this could be a really good angle for TNA.

Anyway Eric told Jeff he had to go as his music hits and Eric makes his way out to the ring. He tells us he wants to address issues from last week and he calls out Sting, who makes his way down. This whole thing is bonkers Sting at times seems to be doing really bad Jim Carey impressions. Sting bitches at Eric and Eric bitches at Sting Eric indeed says there will always be Bischoff and Hogan, in wrestling speak there probably won’t be! Eric also puts Sting in a match later tonight with Abyss!

Sting tells Bischoff there is a price to pay and promptly attacks Eric and lays him out with gut shots and then a scorpion death drop followed by the same odd painting of the face ritual we have seen for the last few weeks. Sting then puts Eric in the Scorpion Death Lock and Eric taps.

Now the only prob I have with this is Sting is playing the heel roll or seems to be in all this, you can hear the crowd, ok I know you can’t hear them much unless they pump in boos and cheers, but all the same they can’t decide what reaction to give Sting. However I do like it as it gives the product a bit of an edge and some talking points.

We now see some footage from the weeks house shows and Taz runs down the current standings in the Bound For Glory Series. Styles, Morgan, Steiner, and Gunner all have 7 points.

Bully Ray Vs Scott Steiner BFGS match This was the first boring match I have seen Bully Ray have in a while, I suppose I can only put it down to Steiner! It maybe just me but although the guy is great on the mic I don’t enjoy his in ring work all that much any more. I think he lumbers round the ring and for a big man his holds especially the patented Steiner Recliner look a little lame. But that’s just me. It was a real case of punch kick slap repeat throw a clothesline in occasionally. The end came in a bit of a lame way after we had a ref bump and he didn’t see Bully tap out from the previously mentioned Steiner recliner, Steiner broke the hold and allowed Bully to get his chain which Bully then hits him with it. Shock the ref then wakes enough by this point to make the 3 count. Winner: Bully Ray (7 BFGS Points)

Back to the back we go and Bischoff is talking to Abyss and he tells him he wants Sting taken care of tonight! How Eric can be taken seriously when he is sitting there with the red paint on his face is anyones guess. Anyway Anderson comes in smiling Bischoff tells him to wipe the smile off his face we have the whole thing again of Anderson joining Immortal and how he can be in charge, this time however Anderson doesn’t reply. So we are going to have the whole will he won’t he storyline all over again, this time we will just all be unsure who will back stab who, as we don’t have really clear defined faces and heels.

Still in the back Steiner is in the back trying to find Bully Ray, as we go back inside the iMPACT Wrestling Zone Mike Tenay and Taz tell us more about tonight’s X Division wrestlers Federico Palacisos, Zema Ion, and Dakota Darsow.

Up next we have some Knockout tag team action with Miss Tessmacher and Velvet Sky Vs ODB and Miss Jackie

Before the match Velvet said she wanted a no holds bared match but because ODB and Miss Jackie are not under contract this has to be done by the books. Confused? So was I, I have no idea what she meant any way this was a passable match with some nice action it has to be said Velvet and Miss Tessmacher have improves so much in the ring. I think working with ODB and Jackie will help them no end.

The win came when Jackie low kicked Miss Tessmacher.

Winners: ODB and Miss Jackie

Tara is in the back and she says she can’t wait for 14th July (why is everything happening then is it a special iMPACT Wrestling or what?) as she get her hands on Madison. Madison of course interrupts this little segment. Madison gives Tara one chance to apologise which of course she doesn’t Madison then slaps Tara and walks off.

Meanwhile we see James Storm and Bobby Roode talking, Roode tells him he isn’t cleared to wrestle but because it’s a BFGS match he is going out there.

Steiner is still looking for Bully Ray in the back and he is throwing things at Bully Ray,  Abyss and Gunner. Ray tells him he would have done the same thing, he then tells Steiner that he will talk to Hogan and Bischoff about him joining Immortal.

Back in the ring and we have Beer Money Vs Crimson and Matt Morgan BFGS Match we find out that the winner of the pinful etc gets the points in this match and not the team like you thought it would be.  This was a really good tag team match. The Guns work well together and I like Crimson and Morgan individually.

The match ended when Roode tossed Storm over the top rope onto Crimson and hurt his arm. Morgan hit the Carbon footprint for the win and the lead in the Bound For Glory Series with 14 points.

Winners Matt Morgan (Who picked up the BFGS points) and Crimson

This whole concept is good just the fact that some weeks the TV is taped a few weeks before it is due to air so I would imagine either commentary would have to be dubbed in, if they did that and it was anything like Taz’s recap of BFGS you could hear the different level from the commentary he was doing when I think it was supposed to sound the same!

Abyss is making his way to the ring in the back and quoting Sun Tzu as he has been for weeks. He says he will deal with Sting quickly but not to quickly.

We see Eric Young outside in Universal Studios and he is looking for Popeye to challenge him for the TV title.

Back inside and AJ Styles music hits and he comes out, he talks to us about the Destination X PPV coming up and how he wants to be a part of it. He tells us he’s had some great battles and he lists them off.  He was interrupted by Samoa Joe who says when he came into TNA he ran right over all the other X Division stars including Styles. Joe is about to suggest a match with him when Christopher Daniels music hits and out he comes. He says the same names keep cropping up when people talk about the X Division so he proposes a match 1-1 Christopher Daniels Vs AJ Styles. Joe was just looking on. AJ thinks about it and eventually says yes. Joe gets into Styles face.

In the back Kaz asks Daniels what is going on? Daniels says their is nothing for Frankie not to worry and it is just in the spirit of competition.

Federico Palacios versus Zema Ion versus Dakota Darsow in an X Division Challenge Match

Taz and Tenay tell us that Darsow in former WWE start Smash’s son. All three of these guys have the look  to be a break out X Division star and it was as you would expect a fast paced match. The end was really good when Darsow was pushed off the top rope and Ion hit a brilliant 450 splash.

Winner Zema Ion

In the back it looks like we have another match in the making for Destination X when RVD is talking and behind him in walks Jerry Lynn who says they were X Division before there was an X Division.

Up next we have Mickie James Vs Winter in a Street Fight

Now this match was ok, it started in the back came out to the stage, Mickie hit a good Thez Press from the stage and finally into the ring. This was were once again silly booking came out again. Mickie hit Winter with a missile drop kick from the top now as Earl Hebner checked on her Angelina came out and hit a Lungblower on Mickie and Winter picked up the 3.

Winner: Winter

Now that was all fine apart from am I the only person who saw the absurdity in all this. It was a Street Fight, therefore outside interference is generally ok. So why did the Angelina interference have to happen while the ref was distracted? It is lazy booking like this that has me pulling my hair out, we have had weeks of really good stuff yet they still make silly errors that drive me mad.

Anyway JB is back in the ring so it must be Main Event Time Abyss Vs Sti…Well JB never got to finish the intro because Sting attacked Abyss from the off.

This was a half decent match and showed Stings new angry side. I think the crowd were still unsure the way to take Sting to be honest though as am I. He is displaying a lot of heelish traits. I guess only time will tell.

As the match went on Abyss pulled out a glove covered in barbed wire from his jacket. Sting seen this and managed to stop him from using it. After this Sting got in some offence including the Scorpion Death Drop which got a near fall, Sting pulled the glove of Abyss’ hand and Sting then punched Abyss with it the ref seen this and had no choice but to call for the bell.

Winner via DQ: Abyss

Overall this wasn’t as good a show as we have seen for the last few weeks, I guess we can’t keep the run going all the time. A few gripes were the poor booking for the Knockouts Street Fight, IMO interference should be allowed in these. Also I don’t want to see too many members in Immortal, I know they are down the Hardy’s at the moment but if and when they come back if they have added potentially Anderson, Steiner and I would hesitate a swerve in Sting joining them, then they will  have too many members. Was there nothing learned from NWO days? Keep it an elite group and it will be fine start adding all and sundry it looses effect.

Lets hope for more next week, anyway as ever thanks for reading and if Ray hasn’t had time to add stuff he normally does at the top of the report I apologise as I have had a lot on over the last few weeks that have made if hard to get reports done, hopefully I will be better over the coming weeks. As ever all comments are gratefully received and if you would like to follow me please do so


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