TNA Xplosion - Magnus vs. Orlando Jordan

TNA Xplosion - Magnus vs. Orlando Jordan

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 29th June 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Magnus w/Williams d. Orlando Jordan in the Xplosion Championship Challenge
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Mr. Anderson vs. Kurt Angle (Destination X 2010)
TNA Spin Cycle: Desmond Wolfe, Miss Tessmacher, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan feature.
IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: Before the Bell – Sting attacks Eric Bischoff & Sting vs. Abyss.

Taz and Jeremy Borash in place, and we’re straight into the action after a quick plug for the Spin Cycle later in the show.

Match 1: Magnus w/Doug Williams vs. Orlando Jordan

I’m impressed with Orlando’s face paint. Very cool indeed.

We tie up and Magnus puts on the hammerlock. Orlando momentarily reverses. Magnus with a go-behind.  Orlando reverses that, and then trips Magnus as Magnus attempts to leave the ring. Magnus slides out of the ring still, with Williams there to dab his face with a towel.

We tie up again. Magnus with a side headlock and goes behind with a wrist lock. Orlando reverses with a fireman’s carry and slams Magnus down, holding the arm for the submission. Magnus manages to get up and is backed into the corner by Orlando, who keeps him there until Magnus squirms out of it, under the ropes to safety. Orlando follows shortly afterward but is caught between Doug and Magnus. Orlando turns his attention to Doug and Magnus takes advantage out on the arena floor. Magnus picks him up and attempts to whip him into the corner post, but Orlando reverses and Magnus is sent face first into the steel. Magnus forced back into the ring, staggers straight to the corner for support. Orlando comes in with a shoulder block. Or two. Orlando then sets Magnus’ legs up on the ropes in a Shattered Dreams position. Orlando steams in, but is cut off by the amusingly named Jackson James for attempting a blatant low blow. The referee then turns to help Magnus off the ropes, and while doing so, Magnus rakes the eyes of Orlando, however the referee did see it.

Doug Williams is now on the apron and grabs the stunned Orlando, driving his head into the turnbuckle behind the referees back. A big boot from Magnus as we go for a break.

We come back as Orlando clambers the ropes, trying to get up, but Magnus just chokes him out on the middle rope using his full waist power. Magnus turns and motions that he’s going after “the Championship”, but that gives Orlando the door of opportunity, and he takes it with right hands to Magnus’ mid-section but is cut off by Magnus with a knee. Magnus with a vertical suplex and two count from the resulting pin attempt.

Headlock from Magnus. Orlando elbows his way out. Orlando bounces off the ropes, as does Magnus, and a vicious clothesline from the Mag Daddy. Two count again.

Magnus picks Orlando up, but Orlando gets the advantage with a jaw breaker as Taz and Borash talk about Magnus’ time on Gladiators as Oblivion. Magnus circles the ring and steams into Orlando who stops Magnus’ momentum with a hip to the stomach. Orlando comes out swinging (no pun, seriously) with right hands. He whips Magnus off. Reversed. Magnus goes for a back body drop but Orlando is privy to it and kicks Magnus and follows with a clothesline. Then an elbow. He whips Magnus into the corner.  Back body drop from Orlando. Magnus slowly back up, whip to the ropes, but holds on and Orlando misses the dropkick. Magnus full steam towards the corner-slumped Orlando, misses with an axe handle, and Orlando performs his lapdance routine. Magnus pushes him off and rushes towards Orlando. Orlando scoops him up and gets set for the Gender Bender, but Williams enters the ring. Orlando leaves Magnus to send Williams out to the floor with a right hand, giving Magnus enough time to get a high sit-out scoop slam, known as the Mag Daddy Driver, and it’s over. Magnus advances, with an assist from Williams.

1st Round: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Suicide
1st Round: Crimson d. Robbie E
1st Round: Devon d. Anarquia
1st Round: Douglas Williams d. Amazing Red
1st Round: Magnus d. Orlando Jordan
1st Round: Shannon Moore vs. Jeremy Buck
1st Round: Hernandez vs. Max Buck
1st Round: To Be Determined

TNA Spin Cycle: A continuation of last weeks Spin Cycle sees Desmond Wolfe, Miss Tessmacher, Eric Young and Orlando Jordan take the questions from Jeremy Borash. The panel are asked their best features, what their worst date was, and what the most devastating finishing maneuver is, of which Tessmacher performs her “Ass-tastic” move.

TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: We take a look at Mr. Anderson… Anderson vs. Kurt Angle from Destination X 2010.

IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: The mind of Sting is lost, and Eric Bischoff has called him out. Rounding off Xplosion is the highlights of this confrontation from Impact Wrestling, and the subsequent match up between Sting and Abyss.


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