Kill the streak!

Ok so it’s been a few weeks but here we go once more.

Firstly a few weeks back now I had the chance to meet an idle, Kurt Angle. I have to say I found Kurt to be very gracious and a real gentleman. I have been to signing’s in the past but have to say Kurt really took his time with everyone he met, signing not just the cards we were given but anything you had, he would sign.

I also had an opportunity to meet JB which was great, had a short conversation and got some great pictures.

One thing I did get from the day was a sense of pride in being part of the team here at TNAUK. The guys behind TNA certainly know the site and even JB thanked me and the rest of the team for all we do to help promote TNA in the UK, which was great.

Now, we have had a few IMPACT WRESTLING shows and a pay per view since my last piece so I don’t want go over old ground so I will do my best not to and try to keep things as recent as possible.

I would however like to mention a match from a few weeks back between RVD and Samoa Joe. This match much like the Angle/RVD match had pay per view quality written all over it and shows the quality of TNA programming of late.

I do have one issue with this match, the outcome! Why oh why does RVD have to win 99% of the fights he is in? I was pretty angry at the outcome of the fight. Samoa Joe again showed he is one of the top guys in the company but just seems to be a stepping stone of late. Joe dominated this match and deserved a high profile win. If it was against anyone else then I’m sure he might have stood a chance.

Something that has always bothered me with professional wrestling (not just TNA) why is there always a handful of guys that just never seem to lay down for anybody. For me RVD is one of these guys in TNA, I have made no secret of the fact that I am not a fan and never have been. His style bores and I just don’t understand why he’s so popular, you put his style up against AJ Styles for example and tell me who’s more entertaining but RVD just seems to win everything he’s in, it frustrates the hell out of me!

Ok now I know he has plenty of fans out there and this contributes to his success and yes he did not win the world title against Sting and yes he got beat by Kurt Angle but I’m pretty sure that’s about it that I can think of off the top of my head. The guy couldn’t even lose the world title they had to write him out so that the belt was taken!

Personally I strongly believe RVD is the type of guy backstage who doesn’t take putting the other guy over lightly. We all read the comments he made a while back stating he was bigger than TNA, to me that sums him up completely. In my opinion, nobody is bigger than the company they work for and should not be treated as if they were.

On to Crimson, great talent, great prospect for the future but the next year and a half (got to match Joe’s record) of not losing a fight, I really don’t think I could take that.

Yes, the guy is good, he is young and a future world champion but I am simply not a fan of extended undefeated reigns. I will lose interest quickly and eventually if I record Impact Wrestling I’ll find myself hitting the fast forward button, why bother when you know the result?

I really hope for Crimson’s sake they do not drag this on for too long, if I were a writer for TNA I would have made him lose to Joe, I would have gone down the road of either outside interference or something to have made it look like he would have got the win and that would have been all she wrote and we could have really built the Joe/Crimson feud with Crimson eventually coming out on top in their last encounter.

I never liked the whole Bill Goldberg thing from the WCW days, I like to be shocked and on the edge of my seat when watching high profile matches but winning streaks for me just don’t work and it’ll be interesting to see what kind of reaction Crimson gets as time goes by, will the crowd remain loyal once Impact moves on the road and away from the stagnant Universal Studios crowd?

This Bound for Glory tournament, what’s the general feeling here? Between now and October seems to be quite a long time for something like this and could get stale if not handled properly. What will be certain is no matter who the champion is come Bound for Glory their reign will end as the winner of the tournament will win the title no matter what, how can they not after a tournament such as this.

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s great that TNA are mixing things up and trying new ideas, that’s what’s needed and I’m all for it. I hope it proves to be a big success.

Destination X is shaping up nicely! Loving the return of the six sided ring and some of the fresh talent that are getting the opportunity to shine. Very much looking forward to this and hoping it becomes an annual event.

Ok so the above reads as though I am trashing what we are seeing at present, this is the case in the points above but all in all I love Impact Wrestling. It is clear to see why it is whipping the competition week after week. As a viewer of both shows I can tell you one is clearly miles ahead and just keeps getting better and better.

Finally Sting, who doesn’t love his new joker persona? It’s clear what he is going for here, though I do keep finding myself expecting Batman to jump out of the crowd at some point. But in all seriousness it’s great, loving the whole Hogan and Sting confrontations and how they are building towards a split between Hogan and Bischoff.

Now that would be good, faction headed by Hogan and a faction headed by Bischoff going head to head……. could be on the cards.

Until next time.


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"

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