Low Ki vs. Bentley vs. Yang: A definite Hit!

Low Ki vs. Bentley vs. Yang: A definite Hit!


This is my new column, which i’ll be doing on a weekly basis, just to give my views and opinions on everything that has gone down on Impact Wrestling. These are all completely my views and whether I reckon they are a hit or miss.

This weeks Hits

Low Ki vs Matt Bentley vs Jimmy Yang

First of all, Welcome back Low Ki! After last weeks X division 3 way it was refreshing to see a more of a stable and high action match. This match alone has made me more interested in Destination X, hopefully Eric Bischoff’s one man crusade of killing the x division wont happen and this is the prime example on TNA building up on their “Wrestling Matters” slogan. The match itself plenty of high spots very limited mistakes made in the match, entertaining from the bell and never let any of the action slipped! I’m hoping I see more action like this at Destination X, this is why I started watching TNA!!

AJ Styles vs Gunner

While ive never been keen on Gunner, in the past few weeks he has been impressive, wins over world champions in some form. The BFG series gave the quick build up for a feud with Styles and having the rubber match on TV. High risks and fast pace action from both of these men which shows us Gunner has the ability to be quick and powerful especially when he hits the F5 (better than Lesnar!) Sort of a screwy ending with Earl doing a slow count but still worked out in Gunners favour.

Devon vs Samoa Joe

Devon was impressive!! one of his best singles outing since he split from Team 3D, I like how Joe focussed on submissions to get the 10 points, quite a few times he could have got the pin but given us the feeling that submissions is the best way for Joe to win the series. Some cool spots in the match especially when Devon jumps from the top and Joe catches him with a kick to the head, but in the end an impressive win for Devon.

Build up to Destination X

So if a few weeks ago, you asked me if TNA would be pushing their all X Division PPV, I would have said “nah they focus more on the impact afterwards” how wrong am I, the weekly 3 way matches to get into the contract match, RVD vs Lynn, Daniels v Styles, Kazarian vs Joe hell even Abyss and Kendrick. 5 matches so far announced and I cannot wait. Hopefully they continue the build up next week to keep the interest high!

Contract signing for Styles/Daniels
Decent promo by both, with Daniels putting over the X Division saying what it means to him and how they can evolve it. Making the 4 way match for next weeks Impact Wrestling with these two and RVD and Jerry Lynn, with the past and present pioneers of the X Division (and RVD) will make an interesting match but i hope they don’t go too full into the match and leave nothing to showcase at Destination X.

James/Tessmacher/Tara vs Winter/Love/Rayne
I give the match a hit but Tessmacher a miss (which ill explain later on). So Angelina is no longer a zombie and also starting to show the cracks in one of the weirdest relationships that needed some drugs, the match itself was poorly executed as it seemed that tags didn’t seem to matter as Rayne got a pin when she wasn’t legal in the match, BUT it kept the James/Winter feud and the Tara and Rayne feuds alive while opening the tension with Love and Winter, if someone can tell me why Tessmacher was needed in the match i would be thankful.

British Invasion
Magnus was money on the promo! Good insults to Sarita and Rosita calling them “los prostituesos” (TNA take note new team name for them). Nice to see Rob Terry siding back with the British Invasion, hopefully TNA give this feud time to build and not rush it.

This weeks Misses

Opening Segment
If wrestling matters, then why oh why do they feel the need to bore us with at least 20 minutes of  half arsed promos with names that should be considering retiring! Mr Anderson coming out with his “freakin” this and “Asshole” that?!?! He seriously doesn’t need to say those in EVERY sentence he talks. For once I would love to turn on to Impact Wrestling and see them open with a match. This week was minimal commercials how about every week minimal promos, that’s Wrestling Matters!

Ok so im really not liking this whole “joker” image Sting has going on, is he supposed to be a face or a heel?? If they are going down the road of building a feud with Hogan then i feel that everyone will be very disappointed with the outcome. For me i would want to see Sting start putting over some of the younger talent, not feuding with the one of the eldest person on the roster!

Miss Tessmacher
Ok, im not hating on her but she is still not ready to get in the ring! Yeah she looks hot and does the dirty assistant well, but she’s just not ready to run with the main girls like Mickie James and Madison Rayne. Stick her on the mic, get her doing backstage interviews or take the announcing duties from Hemme, while she develops her in ring skills more, at the moment she just another Lacey Von Erich.

Mexican America
So they are saying they are discriminated from the BFG series and are the best tag team?!?! Seriously?? Not to mention the fact not 1 member of Mexican America was born in Mexico!

Sting vs Scott Steiner

To me it’s just another match, after seeing these two tear it up in WCW it just lacked anything, it’s just to help build up the Sting/Hogan which i hope they don’t do. Having Kurt Angle come out during the beat down on Sting, to me seemed another “Russo” thing that doesn’t make sense?!?! Having Mr Anderson come down and tease either helping Sting or Hogan would have made more sense. I hope that TNA knows where they are going with this one because if its going the way I think it is then we are in for a massive let down!

That’s my Hit/Miss of Impact Wrestling for this week, id gladly take any comments good or bad on here or on twitter.


About Daniel McGrath
25 year old guy who enjoys pro wrestling since a young age. columnist for TNAUK.TK follow me on twitter @DinoLamp

2 Responses to IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES – 05/07/11

  1. pegleg5125 says:

    Mate if you read my report from this week I think you hit everything the same as me. They had to put Tessmacher in the match as Velvet is involved with the crayzies, and it would have reminded people that they never really finished the Velvet / Winter / Angelina thing.

    The whole Sting thing is bonkers, one minute it looks like Immortal have sort have turned face then you have Angle come out at the end and save Sting making Sting face again even though he has portraied every heel charactaristic all night.

    Sting and Steiner sucked simple as enough said!

    Mexican America are awful, I want to turn off when they come on. Why haven Los Prostituesos defended their belts for well over 6 weeks? None of them are good enough on the mic either. Disband and sort it out or get Chavo in ASAP to lead the group properly.

  2. wh00ps says:

    Well, I’m really liking joker Sting, but apart from that I agree with pretty much everything you said.
    Sting in the pasti has been a little, well, boring. All stand-up guy and honour this and that, but now he’s gone mental he’s much more entertaining! I don’t like where it’s going though. They should put him in a tag team with Eric Young!

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