TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 6th July 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Jeremy Buck w/Max Buck vs. Shannon Moore in the Xplosion Championship Challenge
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Number 1 Contender Ladder Match with Kazarian, Daniels, Amazing Red and Brian Kendrick from Destination X 2010.
TNA Spin Cycle: Featuring Brian Kendrick, Christy Hemme, So Cal Val and Jerry Lynn.
Before the Bell – Destination X.

Taz and Jeremy Borash quickly run down what’s in store for tonight’s show, and we jump into the action.

Match 1: Jeremy Buck w/Max Buck vs. Shannon Moore.

We hear a quick word from Max who says that even though he’s bigger, better, faster and loved more by the Buck parents, he’s inexplicably not getting a chance in this Xplosion Championship Tournament. He wishes his brother well though, “being the family man” that he is.

Shannon starts off by getting the crowd clapping, and into a tie up, going behind and throwing Buck down to the mat. Buck reverses to get a front headlock on, but as both get to their feet, Moore gets an armbar on, which Buck cartwheels out of and reciprocated. Shannon too reverses with a front flip onto his back, locking Buck in an arm lock on the mat. Buck kicks up to his feet, but Moore pulls him back down, locking it on again, as the referee checks Buck’s shoulders to see if they’re down.

Buck finally manages to roll into the pressure, reversing into an arm lock, executing a quick arm breaker, then a side headlock. Moore throws Buck off into the ropes out of the headlock, and Buck with a shoulder block on the return. Moore lies on the mat, Buck cartwheels, and Moore with an arm drag. Jeremy back up. An arm drag of his own. Moore back up with an attempted clothesline, which Buck ducks. Moore off the ropes, and a tiltawhirl head scissors. Moore plays to the crowd, then sends Buck out to the floor. Shannon follows with a vaulting cross body.

While out of the floor, Moore confronts Max Buck, who says he’s just checking his brother. Moore turns and Buck gets on a stiff flying kick to the face, and we go to a break.

Back in the ring, Buck still on the offensive, kicking a prone Shannon Moore and locking on another arm bar. Moore feeds off the crowd to get momentum with a few rights and a hip toss. Buck sweeps the legs of Moore and goes for a cover, getting a two count.

Moore struggles to get up, with Buck stomping another kick into Moore while he’s down. Buck with another arm breaker on Moore, who crumples to the floor in pain, but manages to get a couple of right hands into the midsection of Buck. Buck with a snapmare, and another arm lock up the back. Into a sleeper which Moore manages to turn into, reversing and getting another couple of shots in on Buck. Moore off the ropes. Buck attempts a back body drop, Moore gets a sunset flip and a two count from the pin, but Buck gets momentum back with a dropkick, then attempts his own pin, resulting in a two count.

Buck begins to work on the back with stiff shots and a surfboard submission. Moore drawing momentum from the crowd again with a couple of rights, but Buck raises the boot. Buck with a springboard, atomic drop from Moore. Moore in full flow now with a flurry of quick moves, hits the top ropes and moonsaults onto Buck. Buck staggers around as Moore mounts the corner again. Max Buck gets on the apron, and Moore goes to take care of him. Jeremy Buck tries to take advantage, rushing in, but Moore moves and Jeremy sends Max to the floor. Jeremy turns his attention to Moore, who gets a boot up to the running Buck. Moore mounts the corner and executes a spinning neckbreaker from the second rope, and the referee counts three to give the win to Shannon Moore.

1st Round: “The Pope” D’Angelo Dinero d. Suicide
1st Round: Crimson d. Robbie E
1st Round: Devon d. Anarquia
1st Round: Douglas Williams d. Amazing Red
1st Round: Magnus d. Orlando Jordan
1st Round: Alex Shelley d. Okada
1st Round: Shannon Moore d. Jeremy Buck
1st Round: Hernandez vs. Max Buck

TNA Spin Cycle: Jerry Lynn, Christy Hemme, So Cal Val and Brian Kendrick the the questions from host Jeremy Borash.

TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: A Number 1 contenders ladder match between Kazarian, Daniels, Amazing Red and Brian Kendrick from Destination X 2010.

Before the Bell – Destination X: We close off Xplosion with the TNA Before the Bell hyping this years Destination X PPV.


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