Jack Evans hits the 630 and makes his way to Destination X

After another great Impact Wrestling and a great build up to Destination X tomorrow night, again I have given my thoughts to what went down in this weeks edition of Impact Wrestling…

This Weeks Hits

Jack Evans vs Tony Nese vs Jesse Sorensen
Just like last weeks 3 way X Division, lots of high spots and fast pace action, Jack Evans is over with the crowd big time! How has he not already been snapped up by TNA already is beyond me and ill be honest this was the first time i ever watched him perform the 630! One word to describe that AMAZING!!. The 4 way X division showcase at Destination X has everything on paper to steal the show and hopefully TNA will hand out more than 1 contract in that match.

Destination X build up
Amazing! Just amazing, in the last two weeks the build up to the PPV has been brilliant i literally cannot wait to see it! Having all of the X Division wrestlers talking about what it all means, you can hear the passion they have for it and are right by saying it’s what TNA was founded on. One thing im not too keen on was Douglas Williams open challenge, a few days isn’t enough to generate any buzz on who it can or can’t be plus whether it will be someone on the roster, someone who used to be on the roster or a fresh face to Impact Wrestling? Who Knows. Having Eric Bischoff talk about how the X Division wrestlers aint the “normal” size of wrestlers (something I bet Vinny Mac wanted to go on record saying) is good, gives him the heat and I personally hope Bischoff/X Division feud doesn’t end any time soon.

Crimson vs Robert Roode
Standard match, they are really playing up on Crimson being undefeated, he can hit all the moves and spots well. I reckon the BFG series will do well for him,im hoping they don’t “Matt Morgan” his run if given the chances, I do think though that the series might just see his first loss and going on by who else been dominating the series, Gunner maybe the guy to give him his first loss, hopefully we would get to see this match on Impact Wrestling and not at some BaseBrawl.

Velvet Sky vs Jackie/OBD
Standard knockouts match nothing to boast about, there were a few sloppy moments, not to mention the referee doesn’t seem to know what tag rules seemed to mean nevermind allowing OBD to enter the ring with a steel chair. Velvet is improving as a singles wrestler, I wouldn’t mind seeing her lift the gold at least once maybe along in a feud with Angelina (TNA writers hint hint). I would like to say maybe this is the last we see of Jackie and OBD but I reckon one of them will be back sooner than later.

Morgan/Storm vs Pope/Devon
Another example of how the BFG series is bringing out the best in these guys, Matt showing he would do anything to get points even tagging himself and breaking up a pin Storm was making to keep the match going. hopefully in the next month we get to see a bit more of a breakout of points and start to see some clear favourites in the series. However im quite curious to see how this whole thing with The Pope, Devon and his family plays out.

So this week, he hangs a leg over the rafters with an evil laugh and piss poor joker face painting and he’s sitting on top of the lockers singing his version of “Eye of the Tiger” to then being attacked by Hogan with his own baseball bat?!?! Interesting to say at least. So they are building up to Hogan vs Sting maybe it could be at Bound For Glory?? (hopefully a retirement match), If so can they stretch out the feud till then not to mention keeping Sting more mental than Eric Young having a 3 way conversation with the easter bunny and santa (ok that wont happen but you could imagine Eric doing that).

This Weeks Misses

Styles vs RVD vs Daniels vs Lynn
On paper, this is PPV main event worthy, however execution wise, it’s just another 4 way match. First of, Jerry Lynn! TNA missed the beat on making more of a bigger deal on his return, he hasn’t competed in TNA for nearly 4 years and by putting his return on Impact Wrestling and not saving it for the PPV seemed a bit of a waste. Secondly I would have rather seen this match as a tag team match Styles/Daniels vs RVD/Lynn as that could have helped build bit more of a push towards the PPV.

Mr Anderson joining Immortal
Before I get any abuse for this being a miss, let me explain, Mr Anderson has been made to appear as a weak champion, they made him won the title due to Bischoff making a count in error, not to mention he hasn’t had a “squash” match to prove his title win and being told by mid-carders that Immortal is the only way forward for him. Him getting involved in the Angle vs immortal match just seemed like protocol and can spot him going to hit Angle with the mic check a mile off. My problem is this is that Anderson hasn’t been made a strong enough champion to in some way have an entourage, I personally cannot see him holding on to the title much longer possibly can see him dropping it either next weeks “Midsummer Nightmare” Impact Wrestling or Hardcore Justice.

Opening Segment
It was a better opening to Impact Wrestling than what it was last week but is still lacking something, Sting is just made to look even more mental, while I feel that Mr Anderson is sort of seemed to be made a weak champion by having Bully Ray saying that he needs immortal. I’m just grateful it was kept to a minimum and not run on 20+ minutes.

So Kendrick steals Abyss’s mask then wants him to come to the ring and talk to him only to give him back his mask and then have Abyss completely destroy him……. hmmm doesn’t really set up Kendrick going into the PPV as a strong contender. The only way i can see Kendrick walking out of Destination X with the title is by some miracle so its time to get used to Abyss holding the X(treme) title for a while.

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One Response to IMPACT WRESTLING HITS & MISSES – 12/07/11

  1. pegleg5125 says:

    Watch the PPV tomorrow you won’t be dissapointed mate.

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