IMPACT Wrestling: “The Anderson Ultimatum"

IMPACT Wrestling: “The Anderson Ultimatum"

IMPACT Wrestling: “The Anderson Ultimatum”
Tuesday 12th July 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Immortal call out Mr. Anderson, letting him know he has until the end of the show to make up his mind as to whether he’s with Immortal or against them.
Crimson d. Bobby Roode  to gain 7 pts in the BFG Series
Kendrick gives Abyss his mask back, but pays the price!
Jack Evans d. Jesse Sorensen and Tony Nese to earn a spot at Destination X and a chance at an IMPACT Wrestling contract.
Douglas Williams gets the word out that he is issuing an open challenge at Destination X!
Velvet Sky d. ODB & Jackie in a handicap match meaning ODB & Jackie are gone from TNA.
Rob Van Dam d. Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn in a Four Way Match.
Devon & D’Angelo Dinero d. Matt Morgan & James Storm in a BFG Series Match.
Hulk Hogan attacks Sting backstage, taking him out of the main event match.
Immortal (Bully Ray, Abyss, Scott Steiner & Gunner) d. Kurt Angle & Sting, after Mr. Anderson faked helping Angle and instead attacked him and joined Immortal!

Welcome to this weeks report for iMPACT Wrestling. Now I should tell you I have actually watched Destination X before I have sat down to do this report, so I will try to write this report without giving anything away.

We start this week show with a recap of last week where we see how Sting attacked Hulk Hogan.

We head out to the iMPACT zone and we see Bully Ray in the ring with Gunner and Scott Steiner and they are calling out Mr Anderson. Anderson comes out and does his usual stuff at the top of the ramp. He then heads down to the ring to confront Immortal. As Anderson gets into the ring Bully Ray mocks Anderson’s ring entrance, Ray tells Anderson that a lot of people are PO’d at him. He goes on about Sting attacking people and questions how Anderson thinks he will win next week? Ray tells him he can’t not without Immortals help! He goes on to say Anderson needs Immortal as much as Immortal needs the TNA World Championship. Anderson is told that Immortal will have his back as long as he takes out Sting tonight. Steiner tells Anderson he’s either with them or against them.  At this point Gunner reminds Anderson that tonight it will be the four of them (that’s Ray, Steiner, Abyss and Gunner) taking on Sting and Kurt Angle. Gunner tells Anderson that they want an answer by the end of that match or Immortal we’ll make sure he never sees the light of day on iMPACT again.

As Gunner says hit their music they get a shock as Stings music hits and we see him sitting in the rafters this week with even more crazy make up. As usual he is laughing maniacally. The lights go out and at this point I thought it would be really cool if Sting was behind them in the ring, but instead Angle was there and he delivered an Angle Slam to both Steiner and Gunner while Bully Ray gets out of dodge. Angle tells Anderson not to make it hard on himself!

We head to the back and find Beer Money talking. Storm asks Roode if his arm is OK, Roode says not really but he needs the points.

Taz runs through the latest BFGS matches and we find out Crimson is back in the lead with 24 points closely followed by a Gunner who is on 21.

BFGS match: Robert Roode Vs Crimson

Once again Crimson shows us what a good in ring performer he really is. I liked how they really sold Roode’s arm injury and that it really is hampering him in the ring. They allow him just enough offence before his arm gives out again. The win came when Roode got rammed into the corner and Crimson hit the Red Sky.

Winner Crimson (7 BFGS points)

Crimson now leads with 31 points 10 points ahead of his nearest challenger.

In the back Abyss can’t find his mask and is freaking out.

Back in the ring and Kendrick is there with Abyss’ mask, he tells Abyss he will give it him back if he comes out to the ring and listens to what he has to say. Abyss heads out to the ring with a towel over his head despite us seeing his face at least once before but let’s not let the facts get in the way of some lazy booking. Kendrick waffles on and spouts off a load of nonsense in fact it is that boring I didn’t even listen. In the end it all comes down to Kendrick giving Abyss his mask back and Abyss laying Kendrick out. I could see what this segment was trying to do, making it look like Abyss is an unbeatable monster but it’s just burying the X Division even more which can’t be good thing going in to an all X Division pay per view!

It’s now time to this week’s Destination X tournament match: Tony Nese Vs Jesse Sorensen Vs Jack Evans

Once again another great X Division match showing what great potential there is an out there on the Indy circuit. For someone who is relatively unknown Jack Evans was massively over with the crowd. All three of these guys would look great in the X Division and would help make the division stronger. The end when it came was awesome Evans came off the top and hit 630 on Nese.

Winner: Jack Evans (advances to Destination X)

We go to the back and we see British Invasion and it looks like all three are back together thats Magnus, Williams and Terry. They talk about how they need to win back the Tag titles. Doug Williams tells Magnus that firstly he needs to make his mark at Destination X.

In the back Velvet Sky is saying that she is fed up of talking BS, and tonight she has suckered ODB and Jackie into a stipulation that will clean up TNA once and for all. If they lose the handicap match they are out of iMPACT Wrestling for good!

Still in the back and Sting is sat on the top of some lockers singing “Eye of The Tiger” as Kurt Angle comes in and asks him if he’s OK? Sting tells us he is fine as next week it’s Midsummer Nightmare. Angle says Sting is out of his mind and he doesn’t know if he can trust him. Personally I agree with Kurt 100%, I know a lot of people who like the new direction of Sting’s character but I am not one of them it’s so confusing that he is playing the heel yet the writers seem to still want us to cheer him.

Velvet Sky Vs ODB and Miss Jackie

ODB and Miss Jackie come out as usual to no fanfare however ODB mocks Velvet’s ring entrance and Taz remarks it’s not a pretty sight as ODB ” let’s the pigeons loose” (that’s for you Ray). Out of nowhere Velvet comes running out chair in hand and hits Jackie hard. Again this was a pretty decent outing for Velvet again showing that she can hang in the ring with far more experienced workers. ODB and Miss Jackie really didn’t get in any offence. Velvet got the win after kicking ODB to the floor and nailing Miss Jackie with a spike DDT.

Winner: Velvet Sky (ODB and Miss Jackie gone from TNA)

After the match ODB screams ” you ain’t getting rid of me, you loose hussy baammm!” Personally I think ODB is as bonkers as Sting at the moment. Somehow I don’t think this will be the last we see of ODB!

We see Pope and Devon in the back you can tell Devon doesn’t trust the Pope.

Its main event time well in my point of view it should be Christopher Daniels Vs AJ Styles Vs Jerry Lynn Vs Rob Van Dam

What else can you say what a great match, it had everything. This would be worthy of any pay per view, all four men were outstanding. RVD and Lynn as we all know had history throughout the years, while Daniels and Styles have been friends and foes throughout the history of TNA and many years before that on the independent circuit.

Everybody managed to hit their own signature moves as well as all getting near falls, the end however in some ways was predictable but in others not. Daniels goes for the Angels’ wings but Lynn hit Raid Crash as he did so RVD had got the blind tag, RVD was already on the top rope and hit the Five Star Frogsplash for the 1-2-3.The reason I say unpredictable was because out of the 4 RVD is the only one not to be original X Division, but I suppose he is a big name for the company.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Next up we have a BFGS match Matt Morgan and James Storm Vs The Pope and Devon

In the BFGS tag matches really don’t make too much sense as it only the person who scores the pinfall or submission who gets the points. It was also strange to me that tonight Robert Roode was in a singles match yet his regular tag team partner is in a tag match with someone else.

This match was more geared to continuing the story line with Pope and Devon rather than continuing the BFGS which in my opinion should be the main focus. This storyline could have continued in another way or a tag match not in the BFGS. Also in this match Storm tagged himself in a few times against the wishes of his partner. To me it just seems that tag matches don’t help the series at all.

The finish, well again was there purely to further storyline. While the referee was checking on Morgan who had fallen to the outside with an “injured” knee, Pope had run round and grabbed the tag belt from Christy at ringside and decided to hit Storm in the head with it. As Storm was laid out in the middle of the ring Pope jumped back in and tagged straight out to Devon and let him come in and get a win and seven points but still leaving himself on zero.

Winners: The Pope (zero points) and Devon (7 points)

Am now not sure where Pope and Devon are going am sure there is an angle involving the family more along the way as we all seem to know Vince Russo seems to favour this is in recent months and I can’t remember how many times he rehashes storylines (I wonder if he’ll bash me on Twitter now?

We head to Mexico and Jeff and Karen Jarrett tells us they have lots of presents for all of Immortal but they have a big one for Hulk and Eric. We find out also from Mike Tenay that they will be back at iMPACT Wrestling next week.

We go to the back and see Hulk Hogan knocking seven kinds of you know what out of Sting, Hogan even clobbered him over the head with the baseball bat to finish him off.

This was fantastic to watch Hogan looked like he was really taking it to Sting, whilst Sting was still laughing and playing the joker character he sold like I haven’t seen him sell for a long time. I know some people wont agree that seeing Sting and Hogan go at it like this is good to watch but with both showing such high intensity it is good for business because it gets people talking and we all even if it’s a small part love to see the legends going at it. Come on I know a lot of you are secretly wanting Hogan Vs Warrior at somepoint.

Now it is Main Event time Immortal (Bully Ray, Abyss, Gunner and Scott Steiner) Vs Kurt Angle and Sting however when Sting’s music hits because of Hogan and the beating he just issued there is no sign of the Icon. So it looks like Angle is going it alone.

Of course Immortal take full advantage of this and most of the match just beat on Angle until the music of Anderson hits and out comes the World Heavyweight Champion. Once again we see some strange booking and all of a sudden Anderson seems to have been allowed to become the tag partner for Angle. Obviously Anderson got the hot tag he hit a couple of people and then when about to hit the Mic Check on Bully Ray he stopped and turned to Angle and delivered one of the best Mic Checks I’ve seen in a while. To confuse matters more Anderson decided to tag out and make Kurt the legal man and allow Bully Ray to pick up the win.

Winner: Immortal

Immortal then stood around asking Anderson what does this mean? Anderson soon gave them the answer as he jumped into the arms of Abyss. The show ends with Anderson on the shoulders of both Gunner and Abyss with Hogan clapping at the top of the ramp.

So in conclusion am still a little confused, last week’s show gave us some empathy with Immortal yet this week despite Sting still acting like a heel, Immortal were this week back to their villainous ways. Am sure next week at the big show they have been pushing for weeks a bit more will be revealed.

Anyway that’s just about it for me this week are once again thank you the reading hope you enjoyed the blog and don’t forget you can follow me on 5125 and I’ll be back tomorrow with a review of what I can already tell you was a fantastic Destination X pay per view.

If you can’t join me for that than I hope you’ll join me next week when I review another week of impact wrestling and a show is being billed as “A Midsummers Nightmare!”.


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