TNA Xplosion Championship Challenge: Hernandez vs. Max Buck

TNA Xplosion Championship Challenge: Hernandez vs. Max Buck

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 13th July 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Hernandez d. Max Buck in the Xplosion Championship Challenge Tournament
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Kurt Angle vs. Sting from Destination X 2009.
TNA Spin Cycle: Featuring Brian Kendrick, Christy Hemme, SoCal Val & Jerry Lynn
TNA Before the Bell: Destination X 2011.

Match 1: Hernandez w/ Mexican America vs. Max Buck w/ Jeremy Buck.

Both competitors are accompanied by their respective counterparts for this bout in the Xplosion Championship Challenge.

As Hernandez and Buck go for the tie-up, Max rolls past Hernandez to dodge it, frustrating Hernandez. They tie up the second time, and Hernandez throws Buck hard into the corner. After a moment, another lock up and this time Hernandez pushes Buck into the corner and follows up with shoulder blocks into the stomach of Buck. Hernandez whips him off to the other corner and follows with a big clothesline. He whips him off again and looks for the splash but Buck misses. Buck attempts a hip toss, but Hernandez just clotheslines him down. Hernandez whips him into the ropes and Buck manages to duck a couple of clotheslines. Buck with a crossbody, but is just held up by Hernandez who just puts Buck down and smashes him with a forearm to the face. Buck struggles to get back up but does so. Hernandez throws him to the corner and follows up. Buck reverses Hernandez, planting him on his feet on the apron. Hernandez taunts the crowd allowing Buck to run up and get a dropkick on Hernandez, sending him to the floor. Hernandez staggers, and Buck gets another dropkick through the ropes onto Hernandez. Buck then attempts an over-the-top cross body which is just blocked by Hernandez. Buck quickly assesses the situation and runs towards Hernandez with a Thez Press, reversed. Buck lands on the apron, kicks Hernandez in the face and moonsaults onto Hernandez, flooring him. Buck throws Hernandez back in the ring and mounts the top rope, connecting with a high crossbody, getting a two count.

Buck with a few forearms, whips Hernandez, which is reversed. Hernandez with a blocked back-body drop. Buck kicks Hernandez, then goes for a clothesline, but that’s reversed and Buck is sent down with a half-nelson suplex. Hernandez takes his time about the pin, wandering and taunting, before covering and getting a two count.

Hernandez picks up Buck and sends him out to the floor for Mexican America to work on him as we take a break.

We come back mid-move as Hernandez takes Buck up for a suplex. Buck manages to float out of it and runs at Hernandez but Hernandez gut wrenches Buck and drives him down with a shoulder back-breaker. Two count.

Backed into the corner, Buck receives a big chop, and is whipped off to the other corner. Buck gets the boot up into Hernandez’s face as he rushes in and Buck goes to the second rope. He attempts another crossbody but again, Hernandez just catches him, this time lifting him to a powerbomb position. Buck manages to convert that into a sunset flip and gets a two count from the pin. Hernandez is straight back up with a massive clothesline, and after stalking him for a moment, Hernandez locks on a bear hug.

Buck punches out of the bear hug soon after, gaining some momentum. He bounces off the ropes but Hernandez just puts his patented shoulder block to good use, sending Buck flying back down to the canvas. He picks him back up and whips him to the corner. From there, Buck staggers out. Hernandez picks him up for a side-slam but Buck spins out dropping Hernandez down with a reverse DDT. Both men stagger to their feet and Hernandez attempts a splash in the corner, missing completely. Buck takes advantage and stuns Hernandez with some sharp forearms to the chin. Hernandez rushes out with a clothesline which is ducked. Buck kicks the stomach of the big man, then dropkicking the knee of Hernandez and finishing the combo with a superkick to the head.

Hernandez staggers up in the corner. Buck rushes in. Hernandez floats him out to the apron where Buck momentarily loses his balance, slipping off the apron. Buck quickly gets back on, punching Hernandez and then climbing to the top rope to deliver a huge spinning neck breaker on Hernandez. Buck goes for a pin, and Anarquia places Hernandez’s foot on the ropes to stop the count. And in come Sarita and Rosita to entice the referee into distraction. Anarquia grabs the attention of Buck as Hernandez gets to his feet. Hernandez has an object in his hand to hit Max Buck with, but Jeremy Buck comes in to stop that from happening.

With the referee’s back still turned, Jeremy attempts to kick Hernandez, who just brushes the kick off into the path of Max, then throws Jeremy out of the ring. A winded Max staggers into Hernandez, who lifts Buck up to the torture rack position, dropping him down with a back breaker, and that’s the match over with a three count.

Winner: Hernandez.

TNA Spin Cycle: Featuring Brian Kendrick, Christy Hemme, SoCal Val & Jerry Lynn.

A continuation of last weeks Spin Cycle.

TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Kurt Angle vs. Sting (c) from Destination X 2009.

Special Guest Referee: Jeff Jarrett. Special Guest Enforcer: Mick Foley. This match takes place at the height of the Main Event Mafia angle, where a power struggle inside the faction occurs between Angle and Sting.

TNA Before the Bell: Destination X 2011.

We close Xplosion with a Before the Bell package on Christopher Daniels vs. AJ Styles and Destination X 2011.

Destination X 2011 will be shown at 10pm on Challenge tonight. A report will follow here on (Challenge do NOT repeat the PPV.)


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