DESTINATION X 2011 REPORT – 13/07/11

TNA Destination X 2011

TNA Destination X 2011

TNA Destination X
Wednesday 13th July 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Kazarian d. Samoa Joe
Douglas Williams d. Mark Haskins
Eric Young and Shark Boy d. Generation Me
Alex Shelley won The Ultimate X Match
Rob Van Dam d. Jerry Lynn
Austin Aries d. Low Ki, Jack Evans and Zema Ion to earn a contract
X Title: Brian Kendrick d. Abyss to win the title
Main Event: AJ Styles defeated Christopher Daniels

Welcome to my second blog in two days and welcome to my report on the Destination X PPV. Firstly I have to say what a fantastic PPV it was, I just hope that TNA now don’t drop the ball with this. The show opens with the usual video packages hyping tonight’s X Division title match between champion Abyss and Brian Kendrick. Mike Tenay is in the broadcast booth alongside Jeremy Borash as Taz was unableto make it for duty due to a prior engagement. We head out to the six sided ring, which is great to see back as it gives TNA some individuality and makes it different.  I really hope that they continue using it. Now first up we have a match that shows the quality of this PPV that in this match is first we’re in for a treat.


Kazarian Vs Samoa Joe

Christy Hemme is on ring introductions as of course JB is on commentary duties.  This was a great match to start the PPV and it set the bar really high for the rest of the night. There was loads of fast pace back and forth action with both men gaining the upper hand throughout the match.  Every time I see Joe I still can’t believe how agile he is and that he can fly like any smaller man can.  I don’t think I would like to be in the ring with Joe as his slaps and kicks look really brutal.  I liked the way they continued how Joe is constantly trying to get the submission win however in this match tonight it doesn’t matter as there are no BFGS points up for grab as Kazarian is not one of the participants.

The end came as Joe was still going for submissions and when Kazarian made it to the ropes and got the break Joe got up and started arguing with referee Earl Hebner and pushing him off.  While Joe and the referee are arguing Kazarian manages to recover.  As Joe tries to lock in another chokehold Kaiarian drops down and rolls Joe up for the pin and the victory.

Winner: Kazarian

In some ways this was really good it continued with Joe trying to win the same way as he has been in the BFGS.  It has also put Joe on a mini losing streak.

Tenay tells us that will be looking back through the night at some of the old battles between AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels, we look back at a match in 2005 between Styles, Daniels and Samoa Joe.

We now go to one of the funniest segments of the night where we see Suicide, Sangriento and Curry Man signing autographs for the fans.  Eric Young shows up and tells everyone he needs a tag team partner for tonight, Curry Man makes some excuses for the three of them but then out of nowhere Shark Boy turns up and tells Eric Young that he will be used tag team partner for tonight.

Douglas Williams Vs Mark Haskins

So Douglas Williams makes his way out to the ring accompanied by both Magnus and Rob Terry, Williams turns to them both and tells them to go to the back as he’s got this covered tonight.  So as Williams stands in the ring waiting for someone to accept his open challenge.  So then we hear some more generic TNA music and out comes fellow British wrestler Mark Haskins, for those who don’t know Haskins wrestled a lot on last years tour of the UK and Germany and impressed TNA management.

Williams trash talked Haskins for a while trying to generate some heat and to try and help get Haskins over.  One of the things that was  noticeable was how small Haskins was compared to some of the other wrestlers on the roster.  Williams said that he had been told that Haskins was the next big thing to come out of the UK and enter the X Division.

Now to me if Haskins is the next big thing to come out of UK he needs to learn how to wrestle a more U.S. style of match, to me he seemed a little slow although he did pull off a few nice moves.  I am guessing that if you put Haskins in with some other smaller X Division wrestlers then this match might have been better but to be fair even that may have not helped because not many people had heard of Haskins.

Unsurprisingly Williams picked up the win when Haskins went off the top rope with a shooting star press that Williams moved out the way of and then rolled up Haskins for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Douglas Williams

After the match Williams raised Haskins hand and also shook it before leaving the ring.  I wonder if we’ll now see more of Haskins or if this was a one shot deal.

In the back So Cal Val is on interviewing duties tonight so she is speaking to Austen Aries who cuts are really good promo about fans and how we will win the contract to return the iMPACT Wrestling.

Generation Me Vs Eric Young and Shark Boy

Out first for what we now know was last match in the company is Generation Me followed by the team are Shark Boy who thinks he’s Stone Cold Steve Austin and Eric Young who I’m sure doesn’t often think.

This was a nice match with some good back and forth action which showed off the talents of both teams.  People may wonder why EY was on the pay per view but he has held the X Division Title.  Shark Boy managed to get in or all of his regular moves whilst Eric showed us what a good wrestler he really is, despite all the comedy antics that we see on a regular basis.

The finish came when Eric hit the Wheelbarrow drop on Max for the win.

Winners: Eric Young and Shark Boy

I don’t know if people in the back knew this would be the last match for Generation Me but even in losing they gave a good account of themselves.  Am sure everybody who reads this site wishes them well, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they may end up in another promotion because they have a look of the Hardy Boys about them and remember if they do end up in the promotion that will remain nameless well at this point of the report anyway remember that you read about it here first!

Backstage we see Daniels and Styles together and all is looking friendly between the two of them.

So Cal Val is again backstage this time talking to Zema Ion are about the possibility of gaining a contract with iMPACT Wrestling.

Ultimate X Robbie E Vs Alex Shelley Vs Amazing Red Vs Shannon Moore

So the winner of this match will become the new number one contender to the X Division title.  I suppose it’s the least they can do offering someone the number one contender spot after competing in a match like Ultimate X.

This is the type of match that always has me worried because one false move and something bad can seriously happen but in some ways I imagine that is part of the attraction of the match.  Of course as you would expect all four men had chances to win the match but the finish was quite nicely done.  As Alex Shelley was climbing the ropes, Shannon Moore drop down from the top of the structure on to the ropes making the X above the ring. As he does this he kicks Amazing Red back down to the mat. Moore goes to get the X as Shelley slides down the rope and knocks Moore down, he then unhooks the X to become the X Divisions new number one contender.

Winner: Alex Shelley (New X Division number 1 contender)

It was nice to see after the match the Chris Sabin came out to congratulate his partner.

We go to the back and this time we see So Cal Val talking to Low Ki who tells us how he is going to win tonight.

Next up we have Rob Van Dam Vs Jerry Lynn

This is a match many people have been waiting to see it as such a long time, I just think the build-up could have been donor a little better and given a little more time.  However both men will always perform in the ring and RVD is so ever with the crowd it doesn’t make that much difference what type of build-up to match has had.

As with all matches so far tonight both men put at all on the line and gave the viewers and the fans in attendance everything they wanted to see and probably even more.  The battled to the outside and inside the ring and I liked how the referee are left to go it gave its somewhat of an edgy ECW sort of feel to the match, I suppose that is what they were trying to obtain.

The end came when Lynn brought a chair into the ring despite Hebner telling him not to Lynn and RVD pay no attention to this which is what you would expect.  They both took bumps off the chair at one point RVD’s head bounced right off it, while when RVD kicked the chair into Lynn am sure he cut his head open.  As Lynn was down RVD made his way to the top rope and nailed Lynn with a Five Star Frog Splash.

Winner: Rob Van Dam

Finally tonight So Cal Val is with Jack Evans and he tells us he’s never been so nervous as he is tonight.

Austin Aries Vs Zema Ion Vs Jack Evans Vs Low Ki winner get an iMPACT Wrestling contract

I certainly have to agree with all the fans in this match as right throughout they were all chanting sign them all.  There were some really nice spots in this match and all four participants work really well together.  I’ve heard Jack Evans can be sloppy in the ring but on the evidence of the last two matches I have seen there doesn’t seem to be a lot of that.  What I really liked was there all four men were allowed to shine not just the two “names” as in Aries and Low Ki that everybody or certainly most people have heard of.

When the end came it seemed as though all four men got to perform a signature moves are OK we’ll apart from Low Ki who seemed to take all three from the other three competitors Zema managed to hit a 450 our Low Ki for two, Evans went to the awesome looking 630 but Low Ki got his knees up in time, meanwhile Aries kicked Evans in the head and then hit Low Ki with a Brainbuster for the pin and a contract with iMPACT Wrestling.

Winner: Austin Aries (Awarded a contract for iMPACT Wrestling)

After the match Aries tells is he’s the greatest man that ever lived as he walks up the ramp, obviously settings seeds as to him becoming the heel no doubt on next week’s iMPACT Wrestling show.

In the back we see Abyss  talking about war and is X Division title match with her Brian Kendrick tonight.

X Division title match Abyss Vs Brian Kendrick

To be honest I can’t say I was looking forward to this match as Abyss holding the X division title and how the X division has been buried in recent weeks and months when I believe TNA or iMPACT Wrestling or whatever you want to call it should be really concentrating on the division.

The match started as you would expect with Kendrick throwing everything at Abyss who just stands there as you would expect  it not phasing him at all.  After this early onslaught Abyss just destroyed Kendrick.  Throughout the match there was a couple more episodes like this but in fairness it was all building up to one point.

After Kendrick you went for a Sliced Bread Abyss blocked it and laid out Kendrick with Shock Treatment however he only got two count.  Abyss wasn’t happy and got in the face of Hebner at this point he managed to corner Hebner, somehow in all this Abyss charged at Kendrick who moved out of the way and Hebner took thesplash full force.  It was at this point to a full chorus of boos the Eric Bischoff made its way down the ramp Bischoff got in Kendrick’s face and got laid out for is troubles.  Surprise surprise Bully Ray, Gunner and Scott Steiner amble their way out all to obviously attack Kendrick, however what they hadn’t banked on was Amazing Red, Shark Boy and Generation Me coming out to make the save.  Immortal however were too strong and managed to clear the ring immediately.

Kendrick then gets lucky and he gets another beat down from Immortal.  Cue the rest of the X Division locker room to empty and come to the aid of Brian Kendrick. The X division now manage to get some control and clear Immortal out of the ring.  Kendrick went up to the top rope but as he was coming off Abyss caught him and went for the choke slam Kendrick somehow managed to roll up Abyss and Hebner who managed just to come to in time counted the 123 from outside onto them mat giving Kendrick the unexpected victory.

Winner: Brian Kendrick (New X Division Champion)

So we have had around the last two months of the X Division being buried all for it to end like this!?  Somehow when we get to iMPACT Wrestling this week I think Eric Bischoff will have something to say about the whole matter.

At this point we see one of the great video packages TNA put together hyping tonight’s main event.  I now I’ve said it before but I’m going to say it again but the video packages TNA put together are on a par with anything that any other promotion do.

Christopher Daniels Vs  AJ Styles

What a main event this was it was the only way to end an all X Division PPV. Styles and Daniels are two of the most fun workers to watch in the whole of the wrestling industry.  And if Vince McMahon didn’t think all wrestlers Had to be 6 foot six and 250 lbs, then I would guess that Styles and Daniels would have been with  WWE a long time ago.  I now believe however it would take a lot for or either of them to even consider leaving TNA now that they’ve helped build the brand so much.

There were so much back and forth action in this match that of any minute you thought one of them would snap and immediately become the heel.  I suppose that was one of the attractions of the match.  The ending was perfect Styles hitting the Styles Clash just after he’d blocked the Best Moonsault Ever from Daniels.  Daniels did manage to hit the Angels’ Wings but only got a two count from it.  They both somehow managed to make it to the top rope where they fought to little more than yours again tried to go for the Angels’ Wings only to have it blocked and to get back dropped down to the mat for his troubles.  AJ then hits the Spinal Tap from the top rope and getting the painful for the victory.

Winner: AJ Styles

After the match was finished there was a little tension between Styles and Daniels even going so far as Daniels turning his back on AJ.  However as he said he would Daniels turned round and shook the hand of his best friend.

Other than two matches them being the Doug Williams and the X Division Title match (the problem being this was a little predictable and just not what I wanted to see in this PPV) it was a really solid pay per view and it really is two out of two because the last two offerings from TNA have been top drawer and different class to anything Vince McMahon and at WWE we can offer.

The problem is so many people are not even prepared to give TNA a chance and that in the long term is where the company could fail certainly within the United States because as has been proven the fans in the United Kingdom are so high on TNA.  Is just a shame we only get to see it once a year or maybe only bi-yearly.

Once again thanks for reading the column and make sure you keep reading the site I know Ray and the rest of the writers put a lot of work into the site.  I’ll catch your next Tuesday or Wednesday just depends where they get the blog done.  As always comments are always welcome and in fact encouraged and in the meantime you can always follow me on _leg 5125


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