Shouldn’t Roode be the one getting the push?

So Mr Anderson joins Immortal, smart move I guess. Immortal has needed a lead heel since the departure of Jeff Hardy and I guess Anderson fits the bill.

I have been a little disappointed in Anderson of late in truth, he is one of the best in the business on the mic but I’m not convinced he brings much else to the table.

This could be a little harsh, I myself thought his original title reign was a little short and thought he deserved a little more time to show us what he could do and now that he holds the title, for me something about it seems a little flat.

This likely has to do with the fact that he is a little over shadowed by the main story currently focussed on Batman and the Joker (ok Hogan and Sting) whereas I would have liked to have seen a revival of his feud with Angle once Kurt became number one contender and maybe that taking centre stage where the world title should be.

Speaking of Angle, it was great to see him come out last week to help Sting. I wasn’t expecting that so that was a great way to end the show.

As for the current title scene, we have Sting vs. Anderson next week; personally I am going with Sting here. Will this mean Sting will then face Angle? In all honesty though this really is irrelevant with Bound for Glory getting ever closer as I think we can all agree that whoever walks into BFG as the world champion won’t be leaving as world champion.

I really like the BFG tournament idea, as I’ve already mentioned I do think it’s a little long and drawn out but the idea is solid. I also believe strongly that with the undefeated streak of Crimson surely mean it’s a one horse race and he will be crowned world champion in the end, this does take away some of the magic in my opinion though and I am strongly opposed to winning streaks, there just too predictable and make me dislike the guy winning, which is a shame because I really rate Crimson but hate having someone forced down my throat!

Looking at Crimsons streak, will TNA dare put him in the ring with RVD? If I were a betting man I’d have to say this is a match we won’t see coming soon, how can you put the streak on the line against the mighty road block that is RVD.

I don’t think I should even go into the X Division four corners match from this week’s Impact Wrestling, like the outcome was any more surprising then the Crimson/Roode match.

 Bobby Roode, if I had to pick someone to be elevated by the BFG tournament and if we were discussing this several months back I would have thought he would have been a dead cert for being the guy that got the big push, sadly though this does not appear to be the case. If ever there was a guy that deserved the push to main event status I believe it’s him. I hope that in the future and I’m sure this won’t be the last tournament that he gets that push.

All in all Impact Wrestling seems to be running smoothly, I was a little disappointed in this past week’s show as I found it all a little predictable which I feel is the main issues I have at present with TNA, though in fairness that’s pro wrestling and they are still putting out a far superior show to the competition so I cannot grumble too much.

Until next time.


About Rob Towsey
News Writer for DC Comics News, former Columnist for TNAUK, author of "What's My Angle"


  1. Naythan says:

    If i may?

    I think they are making Bobby Roode lose his first few matches and make other storm into the lead so that he can become some what of an underdog in the whole tournament… making the cheers root for him even more… This could also be applied to Samoa Joe in my opinion… But we’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Rob Towsey says:

    I certainly hope you right but be honest can you see Crimson losing anytime soon?

  3. bennion says:

    i hope crimson doesn’t win the tournament and i see the only way of him not doing so is either through a storyline injury by someone who hasn’t scored well which forces him out of the match at No Surrender (i think samoa joe would be the right man for this as him and crimson haave some sort of history) or that in the 4-way at No Surrender, the winner pins someone other than crimson meaning his streak is still intact as he would not have been pinned.

  4. Mark Dodd says:

    Crimson is the new Goldberg or at least thats what they are trying to do I mean this is Hogan, Bischoff and Russo writing the storys here.,

  5. Rob Towsey says:

    Crimson losing in a four way yet not being pinned, good point. Unfortunately though, I’m still convinced Crimson or RVD will win.

  6. wh00ps says:

    Samoa Joe to win 4 matches by submission putting him into the lead?
    maybe not but I don’t know why else they are burying him… maybe I’m misled by the scoring system-again. I was convinced the -10 points for a DQ was going to mean no dusty finishes…

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