TNA Classics: The legend that is AJ Styles

A few years back now I had given up on watching wrestling altogether.  WWE had fallen flat and there was no appeal to me anymore, wrestling was dead in the water and my interest had gone. That was until one day I was flicking through the TV trying to find something to watch and discovered a wrestling show on Bravo, I had never heard of or seen this show before so thought I would give it a go, this show was TNA Wrestling. Read more of this post


TNA Classics: The Rise and Rise of Beer Money INC

In 2008 a new tag team was formed in TNA Wrestling, this team was Beer Money Incorperated. After just a few short months as a team they were voted Tag Team of the year for 2008, since then Beer Money have rose to the top of the pile claiming the Tag Team Titles on numerous occasions. A firm fan favourite with their “Beer Money” in ring celebration and beer swigging anticts drawing in fans from all over the world. This section is a homage to one of the greatest tag teams to ever grace a wrestling ring, If you were expecting to maybe see a section on Team 3D or The Motorcity Machineguns then all I can say is “sorry about your damn luck”, so crack open a Budwieser and enjoy the action.

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TNA Classics: History of Sting Vs RVD in TNA

RVD vs. Sting: A rivalry with some history

RVD vs. Sting: A rivalry with some history

The Sting and RVD saga has more rivalry attached to it than some people may think. When you look back at how RVD debuted in TNA its a perfect example of why both men will want to get one over on the other at Sacrifice Sunday May 15th.

The Debut of RVD

It was back on Impact when Sting was feuding with Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff, Sting talking about a hidden agenda and doing everything to upset the Hogan and Bischoff rollercoaster.  Dixie Carter tried to talk with sting backstage and was grabbed by Sting and told her that he “owed her nothing”. This action by Sting caused Dixie to do something shes never done before and that was to make a match, however the opponent for Sting would be a secret and he would find out who it was when we all did. Read more of this post

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