Sting becoming a 4 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion this week on Impact Wrestling

A little bit late this week but nonetheless, here is my weekly rundown of this weeks edition of Impact Wrestling Hits & Misses…


Evil Clowns
Since they are going down the “joker” thing with Sting, it only made sense they used the first part (minus the bus and they didnt shoot each other) of “The Dark Knight”. In a way im glad they didnt use this to introduce new wrestlers to our screens as that would have sucked, but using Fortune was great, as it kept the ongoing feud alive with Immortal alive by the clowns attacking members one by one, plus its quite funny to see Karen screaming and running in heels (should always look in the back seat of cars before getting into them). Gunner looked the strongest of Immortal by wanting to go out looking for them but didnt expect getting jumped by all 4 of them

Samoa Joe vs The Pope vs Robert Roode
Although I like the BFG Series and this week they have stated that there are 8 weeks left but they havent stated how many matches everyone will compete in? So someone like Crimson can have 10 matches but Gunner could have like 5 (in theory). However the match itself was good, playing up more to that Joe thinks he’s keeps gettng screwed by the referee. The match may have lasted 5 minutes or so but it kept all the action coming fast, which was good, the ending I thought was cleverly played out, The pope kicked off the apron and Joe constantly going for the 10 points in any match and it always backfires on him. Hopefully Joe bounces back soon and starts earning some points. Read more of this post



Jack Evans hits the 630 and makes his way to Destination X

After another great Impact Wrestling and a great build up to Destination X tomorrow night, again I have given my thoughts to what went down in this weeks edition of Impact Wrestling…

This Weeks Hits

Jack Evans vs Tony Nese vs Jesse Sorensen
Just like last weeks 3 way X Division, lots of high spots and fast pace action, Jack Evans is over with the crowd big time! How has he not already been snapped up by TNA already is beyond me and ill be honest this was the first time i ever watched him perform the 630! One word to describe that AMAZING!!. The 4 way X division showcase at Destination X has everything on paper to steal the show and hopefully TNA will hand out more than 1 contract in that match.

Destination X build up
Amazing! Just amazing, in the last two weeks the build up to the PPV has been brilliant i literally cannot wait to see it! Having all of the X Division wrestlers talking about what it all means, you can hear the passion they have for it and are right by saying it’s what TNA was founded on. One thing im not too keen on was Douglas Williams open challenge, a few days isn’t enough to generate any buzz on who it can or can’t be plus whether it will be someone on the roster, someone who used to be on the roster or a fresh face to Impact Wrestling? Who Knows. Having Eric Bischoff talk about how the X Division wrestlers aint the “normal” size of wrestlers (something I bet Vinny Mac wanted to go on record saying) is good, gives him the heat and I personally hope Bischoff/X Division feud doesn’t end any time soon. Read more of this post


Low Ki vs. Bentley vs. Yang: A definite Hit!

Low Ki vs. Bentley vs. Yang: A definite Hit!


This is my new column, which i’ll be doing on a weekly basis, just to give my views and opinions on everything that has gone down on Impact Wrestling. These are all completely my views and whether I reckon they are a hit or miss.

This weeks Hits

Low Ki vs Matt Bentley vs Jimmy Yang

First of all, Welcome back Low Ki! After last weeks X division 3 way it was refreshing to see a more of a stable and high action match. This match alone has made me more interested in Destination X, hopefully Eric Bischoff’s one man crusade of killing the x division wont happen and this is the prime example on TNA building up on their “Wrestling Matters” slogan. The match itself plenty of high spots very limited mistakes made in the match, entertaining from the bell and never let any of the action slipped! I’m hoping I see more action like this at Destination X, this is why I started watching TNA!! Read more of this post

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