The Good, The Bad, The TNA – “TNA is #WINNING”

Hello and welcome to another entry of GBT. It’s been a busy few weeks in TNA for us as we head into Sacrafice PPV and I hope to cover them here for you.


Another week passes and TNA beats WWE AGAIN in the UK ratings war. This is great news for TNA. Many people ask why TNA is  the best and for the answers you should read this article by Ray. It’s a great read. Read more of this post


The Good The Bad The TNA – “Back From The Dead”

The Product of TNA. It has left me feeling dejected with wrestling and I started to follow the crowd of
hating on TNA. Then I stopped and thought to myself “Do I really want to keep watching this?”

I had to think long and hard and in the end I chose to stick with TNA and Wrestling.

Now on to the real reason why you’re all here! To read about TNA. Read more of this post

The Good The Bad The TNA-Against All Odds PPV Preview

Is Immortal Truly Forever?

Right, here is my latest blog. Here we have my preview for this Sunday’s pay per view (PPV). BE WARNED THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR TUESDAY NIGHTS EDITION OF TNA iMPACT! ON CHALLENGE. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SPOIL IT THEN DO NOT READ, OTHERWISE CONTINUE –> Read more of this post

The Good The Bad The TNA – Upcoming Interview with Lionheart

The good, the Bad, the TNA kicks off 2011 with a bang! I am pleased to announce our first interview for 2011 and theres a chance for you to chip in!

We are giving you the chance to submit your questions and get the answers you want!

First in line is TNA Maximum iMPACT! Tour alumni Lionheart. The man who faced Jeff Jarrett at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow, Scotland.



You can submit your questions by posting in the comments section below or via Twitter @TNAUKWRESTLING or @TNAUKdave. Closing date for questions is Friday 18th February 2011.

The Good The Bad The TNA-The End Of Year Round Up.

As one year ends and another begins where does TNA go from here?

TNA have seen a lot of changes in 2010; some have been good but the majority were poor.

In this article I hope to cover these changes and see how things can progress for TNA in 2011.

First off I would like to cover the signing of Erich Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. A move that was labelled as the ‘New Dawn’ in TNA yet unfortunately seems to have failed, certainly in my opinion anyway. Read more of this post


By Dave Bunning

Welcome to another edition of The Good, The Bad, The TNA. There are a few bits for you to read about. Read more of this post

The Good, The Bad, The TNA – The Top Ten Rankings

By Dave Bunning

Welcome to my latest entry of The Good, The Bad, The TNA. This week were going for something a bit different as I don’t want to spoil anything from last night’s PPV.

Once a month now I’m going to be doing a Top Ten Ranking System based on wrestlers performance over the past month.

Remember these are my views but feel free to comment and speak to me on twitter @TNAUKdave Read more of this post

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