TNA Classics: “Macho Man” Randy Savage

"Macho Man" Randy Savage: Gone but never forgotten

"Macho Man" Randy Savage: Gone but never forgotten

I hope Gareth (SaintsTNA) dosen’t mind me stealing his chair for a moment for a special impromptu edition of TNA Classics. But thought it poignant given yesterdays news for a special Randy Savage edition. Many newer TNA viewers may not know that Savage worked for the organisation briefly, appearing at the 2004 “Victory Road” and “Turning Point” events – memorable moments that longtime TNA wrestling fans will never forget. In this edition of “TNA Classics” we present video of Randy’s debut at Victory Road 2004 and his match at Turning Point 2004 when he, Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles took on the “Kings of Wrestling” Jeff Jarrett, Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, enjoy!


Kevin Nash Asking Fans If He Should Go Back to TNA?

Kevin Nash: Returning to TNA?

Kevin Nash: Returning to TNA?

Kevin Nash is seemingly asking fans via Twitter if he should go back to TNA or not, after it appears WWE has nothing planned for him. Nash wrote the following:

“WWE going young.your my fan base,sit on my ass or watch my buddys Sting ass?”

Ray’s Thoughts:  Nash returning as the heavily hyped “Network Representative” would certainly make a lot of sense storyline wise, considering his role as Sting’s ally last year, not to mention his history with Bischoff & Hogan. Additionally considering Nash’s knee problems, this role as more of a mouthpeice would be a perfect fit and allow him to work a lighter schedule reserve him for special one off matches.

However, Nash was in TNA’s plans all along last year, and was offered a vital role in a possible Main Event Mafia re-union which would have been a key storyline. However Nash let TNA down when he reneged on an alleged verbal agreement to return and decided to depart for a better money deal with WWE in January. Not only that but he then proceeded to bury TNA in interviews which followed. As a TNA fan i couldn’t overlook this and i sincerely hope TNA won’t either, good fit or not Nash doesn’t deserve a return to TNA in my book.

The Good The Bad The TNA-Against All Odds PPV Preview

Is Immortal Truly Forever?

Right, here is my latest blog. Here we have my preview for this Sunday’s pay per view (PPV). BE WARNED THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS FOR TUESDAY NIGHTS EDITION OF TNA iMPACT! ON CHALLENGE. IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO SPOIL IT THEN DO NOT READ, OTHERWISE CONTINUE –> Read more of this post

Recap of Eric Bischoff Interview on Monday Night Mayhem

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff joined the Monday Night Mayhem radio show last night and took a variety of questions, here’s a summary:

When asked about the Super Bowl, Bischoff said he used to live in Pittsburgh.

A fan mentions the ratings of TNA and how successful they were. Bischoff said one of the things that’s resonating with the audience is integrating reality with characters, and keeping an edge. Bischoff says the storyline arc started back in October at Bound For Glory and is continuing and leading up to March 3. Bischoff said investment in a long term storyline arc and reality, and keeping a sharper edge. He said it’s a combination of those things. Read more of this post

Kevin Nash comments on why he decided to ask for release from TNA Wrestling

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash revealed on the XPac show on last week that he made the decision to leave TNA after watching the storylines unfold on iMPACT.

Nash said that after the recent episode of iMPACT where Kurt Angle ran through the members of Immortal and Abyss fell over on the ramp with Janice stuck in his back, he decided there was no reason for him to return, despite signing a contract with TNA in mid-January.

Nash said that after that episode of iMPACT, he and his wife felt that returning to TNA was not in his best interest. Nash said that a call from WWE’s John Laurinaitis next made the decision to back out of his TNA contract and return to WWE an easy one.

Dave Meltzer reports that Kevin Nash actually signed a contract with TNA in January but Dixie Carter signed his release on the Friday morning before WWE’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view.

Dixie Carter Answers Fan Questions

Dixie Carter Q&A

Dixie Carter Q&A

Dixie Carter took questions from fans via twitter and facebook last night. In a very open and informative interview, Dixie gave her views on a range of subjects here’s a transcript:

@TNADixie < is tna going to get a new world belt so they wont all wear the hardy belt?

Dixie: Are you kidding, YES!! The sooner the better. Read more of this post

Kevin Nash says Goodbye to TNA, offers Dixie advice

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash posted a statement on his Tumblr Account in which he said his goodbyes to TNA Wrestling. “I would first off thank Jeff Jarrett for inviting me back into the wrestling world upon my completion of ‘The Longest Yard,’ Nash wrote. “A lot of people don’t realize what a close relationship Jeff and I have. In the dog days of the WWF, I’m sure we traveled more than a million miles together. What he went through with the loss of his wife Jill and the happiness he’s now found, while trying to keep TNA together, was amazing to witness.

“What Bob Carter did to make sure this dream stayed alive, I can only say Sir you have my utmost respect. To Serge and Dixie, who I consider my friends, I wish them continued success. And now the hardest part. To the Boyz, that means you too Knockouts, we’ve laughed, cried and bitched all along knowing how lucky we were to be pro-wrestlers. So few people get to truly go to work and do what they love. Me leaving TNA was a decision my wife and I made.”

Nash later went on to tweet Dixie Carter, offering his advice as to how to go about competing with WWE:

“When wcw took over the WWE for the short time we did, it’s bc Ted Turner paid HUGE $ for talent. Wanna put tna on the map, Mrs. Carter? Set aside $50m. Start with Cena and work backwards. Don’t walk into a Mercedes showroom and ask what new AMG S-63 I can buy for $25K.”

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