TNA Epics– Friday 17/12/2010

TNA Epics

TNA Epics - “The Best of the World Heavyweight Title Matches, Part 1“

TNA Epics Report – Friday 17/12/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Episode 10 – “The Best of the World Heavyweight Title Matches, Part 1“

Aired Friday 17/12/2010 @ 10pm on Extreme Sports Channel

Hosted By: Mick Foley

Note – The second of the double episodes this week was a repeat of the Best of the Hardcore Wars episode

This episode we take a look back at some of the early World title matches in TNA, featuring:

Raven vs. Jeff Jarrett from April 30, 2003

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TNA Epics – Saturday 11/12/2010

TNA Epics

TNA Epics - “The Hardcore Wars, Part 1“

TNA Epics Report – Saturday 11/12/2010

By Raymond Mullan

Episode 7 – “The Hardcore Wars, Part 1“

Aired Friday 11/12/2010 @ 11pm on Extreme Sports Channel

Hosted By: Mick Foley

This week Mick is taking us on a journey through some of the most barbaric matches in TNA as we look at the the best of the The Hardcore Wars, Part 1! The show featured the following matchups:

Full Metal Mayhem: Abyss vs. Jeff Hardy from Against All Odds 2005

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TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 11/12/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Immortal ups the Ante"

TNA iMPACT! - "Immortal ups the Ante"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 11/12/2010

“Immortal ups the Ante“


Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

-A video package aired on the conclusion of TNA Final Resolution with new soundbites from Matt Morgan and Mr. Anderson talking about the involvement of Eric Bischoff. Morgan said he is now pissed off.

-The title of the show is “Immortal Ups the Ante.” Read more of this post

TNA Final Resolution 2010 – Friday 10/12/2010

TNA Final Resolution 2010

TNA Final Resolution 2010

TNA Final Resolution 2010 Report – Friday 10/12/2010

By Ray Mullan

Broadcast Friday 10/12/2010 at 10pm on the Extreme Sports Channel. Originally aired Live on Pay-Per View in the United States – Sunday 05/12/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Live! from the iMPACT! Zone at Universal Studios, Orlando, Fl.

The show opened with a look back at Jeff Hardy’s emergence as the “Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling” and the events that led up to tonights matchup with Matt Morgan.

Fireworks and we are welcomed to the show by Mike Tenay and Taz.

Number 1 Contenders Match – Ink Inc. vs Beer Money
Jesse Neal was sporting some blonde hair to go with his red mohawk.The crowd was hot for Ink Inc who control the match early on. Read more of this post

Before the Bell: Final Resolution 2010

TNA iMPACT! – Saturday 04/12/2010

TNA iMPACT! - "Who's wearing the stripes?"

TNA iMPACT! - "Who's wearing the stripes?"

TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 04/12/2010

“Who’s wearing the stripes?“

Taped at the iMPACT Zone, Universal Studios in  Orlando, FL (16/11/2010).

Aired Saturday 04/12/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 02/12/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

Hey guys, unfortunately i’ll be a few thousand feet in the air by the time your reading this. I’m travelling with work this evening so won’t be able to view and review iMPACT! until Monday, however rather than leave you in the lurch with regards an iMPACT! report, i’ll leave you in the capable hands of the PWTorch’s Daniel Wilkenfeld:

Non-Title Match

We start with a hot open as Jesse Neal flies out onto Gen Me, followed by Moore doing likewise. Ric Flair is on commentary. Beer Money swoop in and take control. Read more of this post

TNA Xplosion – Friday 03/12/2010

TNA Xplosion

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 03/12/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can also watch the full episode right HERE on the site.

We get started with a video package of Ric Flair vs. Matt Morgan from iMPACT! recently ending with Matt Morgan saying the he promises it’ll be worth the wait to find out who he picks for the special guest referee for his rematch against TNA World heavyweight champion Jeff Hardy at Final Resolution. This is followed by the title of last week’s iMPACT! episode and footage of  Eric Bischoff announcing he has invited Dixie Carter to Immortals thanksgiving dinner from last week’s IMPACT! followed by the Xplosion intro which features Velvet Sky, but not Angelina Love.

“The festivities are just getting started tonight on TNA Xplosion” says J.B as he welcomes us to the show alongside “The Human Suplex Machine” Taz.

“We got some rasslin’ right here in this episode of Xplosion” says Taz as he runs down the card which involves Eric Young taking on The X Division Champion Robbie E with Cookie in a non title match as well as some knockouts action in the form of Tara vs. Angelina Love. Read more of this post

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