IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff's Crimson Mask"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Please Stand Up"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Please Stand Up”
Tuesday 5th July 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Hulk Hogan welcomes Scott Steiner to Immortal and asks Mr. Anderson to reconsider his offer of a spot within the group.
A joker like Sting attacks Hogan and Immortal, asking the “Real” Hulk Hogan to please stand up again. This sets up a main event match with Scott Steiner.
Devon d. Samoa Joe in a BFG Series match
Low Ki d. Matt Bentley and Jimmy Yang to earn a spot at Destination X and a chance at an IMPACT Wrestling contract.
Mickie James, Ms. Tessmacher & Tara d. Winter, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne in a Knockouts Elimination Match
Daniels and AJ Styles sign the contract for their main event bout at Destination X.
RVD & Jerry Lynn take exception to Daniels and Styles boasts at having “built the X-Division”, all parties agree to a one night only four-way match next week.
British Invasion demand a Number 1 Contenders match with Mexican America.
An update from Jeff and Karen Jarrett in Mexico. They promise to return soon and they are bringing a gift for every member of Immortal.
Sting d. Scott Steiner
Kurt Angle makes the save as Hogan and Immortal Jump Sting.

Welcome to another addition of iMPACT Wrestling and my review. We open the show with Hulk Hogan in the back welcoming Scot Steiner to Immortal. As Steiner goes on his way Hogan starts walking and you hear Sting laughing as Hogan walks up he see Sting on a massive TV. Sting looks more like the Joker again this week. Sting rambles more stuff at Hogan and it looks like he has got inside Hulks head. Read more of this post


TNA Roster Cuts on the Way?

Rob Terry and Murphy: On the Chopping Block?

Rob Terry and Murphy: On the Chopping Block?

According to the Wrestling Observer, TNA Wrestling is reportedly planning on cutting several talents soon from the roster.

Officials have apparently been evaluating what’s working and what’s not working, trying to determine which talents aren’t fitting in. There is no word yet on when the cuts will be made but some wrestlers have apparently been told to sit tight while the necessary cuts are determined.

I would suspect that guys like Rob Terry and Murphy, who have been pretty much written out of current storylines, to be on the block. One potential big name cut is Mick Foley, who recently returned as the Network Representative but is rumored to have asked for his release following creative differences, a claim which Mick is has NOT denied. More on this as it breaks…

Aftermath of iMPACT: “THE NETWORK IS COMING” – 10/05/2011



Tuesday 10th May 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Kurt Angle & Velvet Sky d. Jeff Jarrett, Winter & Angelina
Hogan & Bischoff speculate on the identity of the Network Representative
The X-Division wrestlers deliver a message to Eric Bischoff
 TNA Knockouts Champion Mickie James d. Miss Tessmacher
 Crimson lets Samoa Joe know how he feels about his “Help” last week
 Rob Terry d. Murphy in a Loser Leaves Immortal match
 AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels d. Bully Ray & Gunner via DQ as Tommy Dreamer attacked AJ
 Mexican America Celebrate Cinco De Mayo
 Sangriento d. Suicide
 Bobby Roode has a message for Hulk Hogan

For the second consecutive week TNA delivers a show that looks and feels completely different. For a start the majority of Main Event players are given the night off, No Mr. Anderson and Sting and Rob Van Dam are on screen for no more than a cup of coffee.

Instead the spotlight this week was focused on the Jarretts who focus their attention on who they believed to be Kurt Angle’s hired “Mistress” – Velvet Sky. Velvet sure held her own in the confrontation with Karen Jarrett, their exchange was fluid and realistic and the addition of Winter and Angelina into the mix, furthering that storyline was a nice touch. Of course we all knew Kurt would eventually intervene and setup a main event that seemed hotly anticipated from the crowd. Read more of this post

TNA Xplosion Report – 04/05/2011

TNA Xplosion: 8-Man Tag Match

TNA Xplosion: 8-Man Tag Match

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 4th May 2011 – 12am on Challenge

TNA REWIND: A look back at this weeks edition of TNA iMPACT!
Orlando Jordan, Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer & Devon defeated The British Invasion, Murphy  & Rob Terry

As always, Xplosion is opened up with Jeremy Borash and Taz discussing tonight’s match and the fallout from this weeks iMPACT!, of which a review is available right here at

Match 1: The British Invasion, Immortal’s Rob Terry & Murphy vs. Orlando Jordan, Eric Young, Tommy Dreamer & Devon.

Orlando Jordan is wearing an awful “bubble gum” wrapper shirt. A true fashion disaster. Brian Hebner will referee this mammoth main event for Xplosion.

Doug Williams and Devon start with a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Devon with an arm-bar into a side-headlock and back into an arm-bar which Williams can roll out of. Eric Young is already looking for the tag. Read more of this post

TNA UK TV Ratings – Week Ending 24th April 2011

TNA Wrestling on Challenge

TNA Wrestling on Challenge

The UK TV Ratings are in for the week ending 24th April 2011 and it’s more good news as TNA Wrestling on Challenge continues to be the top rated wrestling programming on UK television, winning for the third consecutive week and 7th time overall this year. Not only that but this weeks TNA Lockdown broadcast was the highest rated TNA PPV EVER on UK television!

Lockdown: Proved to be a ratings hit!

Lockdown: Proved to be a ratings hit!

According to the Broadcasters Audience Research Board – TNA iMPACT! scored a superb 191,000 viewers (down 1,000 from last weeks record high), for the Tuesday 19th April Hogan’s Law” episode featuring a Mr. Anderson vs. Immortal Gauntlet match main event.

In further good news, coming off last week’s record high viewing figure for iMPACT!, TNA followed up this week with their highest rated PPV ever broadcast on UK television.

TNA Lockdown, broadcast on Wednesday 20th April at 10pm was headlined by the Immortal vs. Fortune “Lethal Lockdown”  Match as well as a Mr. Anderson, Sting and Rob Van Dam three-way bout for the TNA World Heaveyweight title. The show tied with TNA iMPACT! drawing a record high 91,000 viewers, a figure that i’m sure TNA and Sky will be very pleased with.

TNA Xplosion ranked outside the top 10 highest rated programs on Challenge TV and thus i’m unable to confirm the exact viewing figures for the episode. However the lowest ranked of the top 10 was 101,000 viewers and thus Xplosion falls somewhere below that figure.

Here is the Top 10 ranked programs on Challenge for the week:

w/e 24 Apr 2011

2 TNA IMPACT (TUE 2200) 191
3 CRYSTAL MAZE (MON 1800) 165
4 CATCHPHRASE (MON 1900) 143
6 CATCHPHRASE (MON 1931) 123
8 CRYSTAL MAZE (THU 1800) 108
9 CATCHPHRASE (THU 1930) 105
10 BULLSEYE (THU 2300) 101

WWE’s Raw, which was ironically broadcast from London, featuring a Randy Orton vs. CM Punk main event posted 144,000 viewers, down 8,000 from last weeks episode.

Smackdown took yet another ratings dive for the second consecutive weeks, drawing 111,000 viewers on Sky Sports 4 for a show featuring an Edge retirement party and headlined by a Wade Barrett vs. Kofi Kingston IC Title match main event. This was a drop of a whopping 32,000 viewers on last week and a total drop of 49,000 viewers in the last two weeks.

In other programming, WWE’s syndicated show “Bottom Line” drew 41,000 viewiers for it’s Saturday morning airing on Sky Sports 4. WWE NXT drew 26,000 viewers for a saturday night airing of the show. No other wrestling related programming ranked in the top 10 programmes.

Here’s an overview of viewership for all wrestling programming for the week:

Weekly Ratings Summary:
TNA iMPACT! (Challenge, Tuesday, 2203) – 191,000
TNA PPV LOCKDOWN (Challenge, Wednesday, 2202) – 191,000
WWE LATE NIGHT RAW – LIVE (Sky Sports 3, Monday, 2600) – 144,000
WWE LATE NIGHT SMACKDOWN (Sky Sports 4, Friday, 2100) – 111,000
WWE BOTTOM LINE (Sky Sports 4, Saturday, 1100) – 41,000
WWE NXT (Sky Sports 4, Saturday, 2313) – 26,000
TNA XPLOSION (Challenge, Tuesday, 2400) – Under 101,000

Weekly Ratings Wins so far (2011)*:
WWE Smackdown – 2

*Based on first showing viewing figures, not inclusive of +1 or replay figures.

**SPOILERS** TNA Monday TV Taping Results (02/05/2011)

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA iMPACT! Zone Orlando, FL

TNA kicked off this weeks set of iMPACT! and Xplosion tapings yesterday at the iMPACT! Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. This is for the first of the two episodes leading to Sacrifice 2011 and is set to air in the UK next Tuesday on May 10th at 10pm on Challenge TV. WARNING THIS CONTAINS SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of iMPACT! and Xplosion – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph. Read more of this post

Aftermath of iMPACT: “Two Horses For Sister Karen” – 26/04/2011



Tuesday 26th April 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Sting vs. Matt Hardy
Rob Van Dam vs Abyss
 Karen Angle’s “Coronation”
 Sting chooses RVD as his opponent at Sacrifice
 TNA Knockouts Tag-Team Titles Match: Sarita & Rosita vs. Madison Rayne & Tara
 Steel Cage Match for the TNA World Tag-Team Titles: Beer Money vs. Rob Terry & Murphy
 The fallout from TNA Lockdown: AJ Styles/Bully Ray

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