Across the Line: There is a reason – turn, turn, turn

Across the Line

Across the Line

There is a reason – turn, turn, turn

By Richard Jennings

It will not have escaped any regular viewer of TNA that inside the last month there have been four wrestlers turned. A month ago Matt Morgan turned face, betraying Fortune and gaining a title shot at Turning Point in the process. Two weeks ago we were treated to two swerves: first we saw Rhino betray EV2.0 and align himself with Immortal and then we witnessed Brother Ray bookending Team 3D’s current run by attacking Brother Devon. This week’s turn came in the form of Doug Williams’ attack on his own Fortune stablemates whilst they were trying to assist their leader. Read more of this post


Kurt Angle Interview: expresses concern with TNA’s booking, talks time off for injuries, talent wishlist plus more!

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle opened up about his concerns with the TNA booking in an interview with Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald, he also discussed how he needed more time offer to heal from injuries plus his wishlist of talent he’d like to see in TNA.  I’ve included the full interview here for your perusal, enjoy!

Beginning with last year’s Bound for Glory pay-per-view against Matt Morgan, Total Nonstop Action Wrestling star Kurt Angle works to help elevate the company’s rising stars.

From Amazing Red and Desmond Wolfe to a recent bout with Kazarian at TNA’s pay-per-view Slammiversary, the Olympic gold medalist is testing their mettle.

“I’m a perfectionist; so I’d call the match with Kaz an eight out of 10,” said Angle, minutes following the exciting show opener he had against the talented Californian.

“Kaz has really lifted his game. He is a great athlete. However, he is just really young. He has a lot to learn, but he is going to be a big star for TNA in the future.

“It was one of those things where it was the teacher wrestling the student, and the teacher was responsible for getting the student elevated. Kaz rose to the occasion. I give him a lot of credit.”

The veteran has taken the bull by the horns in his teaching role. For Angle, it’s about bringing the best out of everyone he’s in the ring with and vice versa.

“To me, it’s a treat,” Angle said.

“Not a lot of fans and talent themselves know how good these guys are. People think it’s only me. Read more of this post

TNA About to Change Forever?

Dixie Carter

Dixie Carter

A rather cryptic message from Dixie Carter via Twitter just now:

@TNADixie It’s 6:30 am. Been up for hours. So excited I can’t sleep. TNA’s about to change forever. Can’t wait to share it w/you, my staff, the talent

Sounds exciting, could this be the return of Christopher Daniels? How about Mick Foley and the rumoured ECW faction? Or even more interesting how about a Batista or Steve Austin debut? Or will Sting reveal as i’ve been thinking that he’s no heel, but Hogan is rotten to the core and his motives thus far haven’t been altogether honest?

Pure speculation at this stage but Slammiversary certainly got a lot more interesting.  Remember to avoid the spoilers this weekend and stick to TNA UK for all your TNA coverage.

Slammiversary airs in the UK at 9pm FRI 18th June only on the Extreme Sports Channel.

***UPDATE 11/06/2010 @ 23:53***

Dixie just posted the following on twitter:

@TNADixie Just got off phone w/Spike prez Kevin Kay. He is all in
and agrees this will change TNA on every level.

So it dosen’t look like this is gonna be a debut but rather something to do with SPIKE. Could iMPACT! be going to 3hrs? Or how about a second show for TNA? Guess we’ll find out on Sunday.

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