TNA News & Rumors Round-Up: Sting, Nash and Angle returns?, Against All Odds location, Tessmacher working at Hooters plus more!

TNA UK News & Rumors Roundup

TNA UK News & Rumors Roundup

– Against All Odds will take place on February 13, 2011 in Orlando, Florida

– It’s believed that Sting will re-sign with TNA when they bring back some of the top babyface stars in January along with Kurt Angle. Kevin Nash is also expected to come back in that storyline but he’s not a lock to return. Read more of this post


TNA Impact – Saturday 07/08/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – Saturday 07/08/2010

By Raymond Mullan

“There’s No Place Like Home“

Saturday 07/08/2010 @ 9pm on Bravo. Originally aired Thursday 05/08/2010 on SPIKE!

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz

We kick things off with a video package looking back the events surrounding the arrival of EV2.0/ECW Hardcore Originals at last weeks iMPACT! and Raven’s shocking turn on Tommy Dreamer.

– Tommy Dreamer comes out the ring and tells Raven to get out here, cuz he’s got some explaining’ to do. Raven shows up on the stage. Dreamer asks him why he did it. Raven knows what this means to them and to everyone. They were friends, they were enemies, the best of friends, the worst of enemies. He thought that was behind them. He wants to destroy that? Why? Raven says they’ve known each other for 30 years. Raven asks if he thinks Dreamer would ever forgive him for taking away his girl. Those kids should have been his. He bided his time, knowing Dreamer would commit his heart and soul to something. Here it is. He’s committed everything, and he’s shattered it into a million pieces. His kids should be calling him daddy. He’s going to cripple Dreamer at Hardcore Justice, and his kids will be calling him daddy. Dreamer walks up the ramp and takes out Raven. Abyss comes out and goes after Dreamer. Abyss goozles Dreamer, and RVD hits Abyss from behind with a chair. Rob with a thrust kick off the ramp to Abyss. More chair shots by Rob as they battle through the crowd. Back on the stage, Raven hits Dreamer with the Even Flow DDT. Foley shows up behind Raven. Raven turns around and Foley nails him in the gut with a barbed wire bat. Foley says it will be the final encounter between Dreamer and Raven at Hardcore Justice, and there will be a winner, because Foley’s the special guest referee. Read more of this post

TNA iMPACT! – 08/03/2010



TNA iMPACT! Report – 08/03/2010

Commentators: Mike Tenay & Taz


Okay, so that’s hyperbole. The WWE will probably double TNA’s rating tonight but that doesn’t mean TNA can’t put on a fun show…even if it isn’t really what they do. There’s just a few minutes to showtime, but if you’re new to me reviewing, you can find the rating system I use here. Surely there’ll be a bump or two since this is my first time doing Impact live but I’ll make things as smooth as possible.

Impact starts us off with a opening video. Complete with new music and new action shots.

Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the program. They hype the card, more specifically, HULK HOGAN’s return to action. Dixie Carter is seen in the crowd shots. Taz says the match is happening sooner than we think!

THE RED AND YELLOW IS HERE, BROTHER! Hogan and Abyss are out! Abyss has some red and yellow on his jacket. I still don’t like him. BROOKE HOGAN is in attendance too for those of you that care. Read more of this post

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