The Daily Dropkick

The Daily Dropkick

For the kind, lost souls that are still coming here…

Regrettably I have to inform you that TNAUK is no more. I’ve been so busy with other projects, including writing for other wrestling websites that I just don’t have the time to devote to writing, posting and editing the many contributions to the site each day.

Going forward i’ll be focusing my attentions on my other writing obligations at and will also be posting regularly at my personal blog The Daily Dropkick, where you can still get your daily dose of news, rumours, interviews, reviews and ratings reports. All my regular features you know and love from TNA UK  will be available there.
I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished at this site over the last year and half, we’ve done a great job promoting TNA and i know for a fact it didn’t go unnoticed. The aim was ultimately to provide a place for UK TNA fans to congregate, get news and debate and we provided that, however with the advent of the Official UK TNA Facebook page, i’m not sure thats a service that we need to be providing anymore and if anything we’re drawing readers away from the official avenues.
I want to thank everyone who contributed to the site over its lifespan, your all very talented individuals and it was a joy working with you all and editing your work (even when submissions were late or you spelt D’Angelo Dinero wrong five times in a single article!) and I know many of you will be writing blogs of your own going forward and I for one will be reading.
And lastly you, dear reader. Thank you for visiting, commenting and making this blog relevant. I hope you’ll continue to do so over at my new home –
Many Thanks,

Merry Xmas from TNA UK!

On behalf of everyone at TNA UK, we would like to wish everyone a safe and Merry Christmas and New Year!

The Good, The Bad, The TNA

The Good, The Bad, The TNA

By David Bunning

Welcome to my second blog on all things TNA. Thanks for taking the time to read my thoughts.

Got anything you would like to see or know my thoughts on then please get in touch and it will be in the next blog.

Also next week my blog might be a day or so late as I’m getting married on Saturday! I’ll do my best to get it on the site as soon as I can….

The Big Story of the Month

Who are “They”? This is one of the big questions on the lips of TNA fans at the moment! Now being weeks away from BFG where this question will be answered I feel its time for me to put my views across on this. Read more of this post

The Good,The Bad,The TNA



By David Bunning

Welcome to my first blog on TNA UK. Hope you all enjoy.

My name is Dave, I’m 24 years old and live in the UK. I have been a fan of wrestling since as far back as i can remember. Started off loving guys like Hulk and Randy Savage then it was guys like The Rock and Austin. Now I’m Mr TNA. I have been watching TNA for a few years now and have enjoyed watching the company change and grow. This is now my time to let you in my mind so you can see how i view TNA. Read more of this post

Welcome to TNA UK



Welcome to TNA UK!

I hope to bring you regular news, rumours, show reports and feature articles on all things TNA . Most wrestling sites out there are geared towards the american viewership and naturally results in spoilers for those in the UK who wait for their TNA fix on Bravo every Saturday night. With that in mind this site is aimed at you guys, a one stop shop for all your TNA needs.

I guess it would also be a good idea to introduce myself. Many of you older fans may recognise the name as i used to run a pretty successful UK geared WCW fansite (WCWUK.COM) back in the mid-late 90’s up until WCW’s untimely demise. Since then i did a bit of work with Todd Gordon’s short-lived Main Event Championship Wrestling. Following this i did attend the World Wrestling Allstars shows in the UK which set the wheels in motion for Jarrett to push ahead with the creation of TNA Wrestling.

Around 2003 i created and ran NWA TNA UK ( which was the first ever TNA UK fansite, i closed the site in 2005 and eventually faded away from the wrestling world as i simply wasn’t interested in the product being pushed post Monday Night Wars.

You can get a sneak peak of the old NWA TNA UK site at the Wayback Internet Archive:

I was tuning in and out on the former Wrestling Channel and eventually Bravo2 and Bravo but to be honest wasn’t that thrilled with the product.  The Hogan/Bischoff partnership and TNA’s move to Monday Nights really caught my attention and gave me back my appetite for wrestling again. And hence this site, a place to air my views and reviews and also discuss the product with fellow fans in the UK.

This is a big task and with family and work commitments i can’t do this all on my own of course. So i am on the lookout for some columnists & tv show reporters to contribute to the site, if your interested drop me line at

Cya Round!

– Ray

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