TNA Xplosion – Friday 29/10/2010

TNA Xplosion

TNA Xplosion Report – Friday 29/10/2010

By Shafqat

Broadcast Friday 29/10/2010 at 9pm on the Extreme Sports Channel

Commentators: Jeremy Borash & Taz

You can watch this week’s edition of TNA Xplosion on the site HERE.

Happy Halloween all! We’re underway once again with another edition of Xplosion. Hmm, perhaps they should get rid of Hogan as a baby face from the intro. Anyway it’s the “most auctioned pack hour of professional wrestling on the air today” as Jeremy Borash and Taz welcome us to the show. They’re still reeling from what happened back at Bound for Glory. To the card we have Eric Young taking on Magnus and some tag team action in the form of Jeremy and Max Buck – Generation Me – taking on Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal – Ink Inc. To the back we go with Christy Hemme along with Magnus and Chelsea.  Christy asks Magnus where Desmond Wolfe is. Well according to Magnus Desmond “in an attempt to be a dual athlete like myself” is in London trying out for a team called Chelsea. Get it? When you “get in with Chelsea you score every time”  TNA knockout Chelsea doesn’t look impressed. You know the expression she does 90% of the time.

Moving on, Magnus states that he is fine with wrestling the “clown” as he knows London Brawling will take over the TNA tag team division once Desmond returns but in the meantime “I’m just keeping my game about me” Right.

Magnus heads down to the ring with Chelsea coming out with the London Brawling music. Eric Young shortly follows coming out with a Cowboy hat. According to Taz he looks like his “old broadcast partner from a different company.” Jeremy Borash says he tried to explain to Eric earlier that this is not a tag team match. Eric Young stares at Chelsea takes her hand and kisses it and then seems to almost faint. The bell rings and the match is now underway way. Perfect timing.

Magnus picks Eric back up as the Xplosion blue lighting kicks in. Eric is already dazed as he gets punched about 3 times before he reverses the Irish whip attempt by Magnus. On Magnus’s return from the ropes Eric lays down but Magnus hops over him and before Magnus reaches the ropes on the other side of the ring Eric is back up to his feet and upon Magnus’ return leaps over him and on another return journey for Magnus, Eric performs a hip toss which has no effect as Magnus is immediately back up to his feet, however Eric grabs Magnus’ arm and takes him down the canvas. Chelsea is not happy.

Both men are back on their feet as Magnus is now in control and vice versa as their both controlling each other’s arms. This finally gets put to rest when Magus carries out an Irish whip onto Eric and attempts a clothesline on his return but Eric ducks underneath and performs a baseball slide to get out of the ring and straight to Chelsea. Taz mentions that “he might be crazy but he isn’t nuts” Magnus is not happy about this. As Magnus makes his way to the ring floor Eric quickly gets back in the ring as Magnus now kisses Chelsea’s hand. This isn’t really a pro-wrestling match so far is it?

Magnus gets back in the ring as Eric makes his way back out and performs some dance moves with Chelsea before…yep you guessed it, Magnus gets out the ring and this time as Eric tries to get back in, Magnus pulls him back out by grabbing his leg and slams his face onto the ring apron. Ouch.  Oh it gets even worse as Magnus picks up Eric and slams him face first into the ring apron again as we go to commercial.

Back from the break Magnus performs an elbow drop onto Eric; its clear Magnus is in total control of Eric. Back breaker leads only to a 2 count for Magnus. Eric is back up though and landing numerous shots to the face of Magnus but it doesn’t last long as Magnus “fires one back”. Eric is Irish whipped from one corner of the ring to the other, but Eric grabs the top ring ropes and attempts to float over Magnus. That doesn’t go to plan as Magnus catches Eric on his way back down and carrying him on top of his shoulders and power slams Eric down to the mat which leads to a 2 count. Cut back to Chelsea for the usual “I’m not impressed look”

Eric gets his face slammed into a top turnbuckle which is followed by 2 uppercuts by Magnus. The referee is warning him for some reason and as he turns back round to face Eric, he turns it around and lands multiple shots onto Magnus as Jeremy Borash reminds us of the UK tour in January. Eric once again tries to Irish whip Magnus but it’s reversed by one of Magnus’ own who sends thrown outside of the ring to the floor over the rope ring ropes.  Magnus performs an axe hammer drop from the apron before throwing him back in the ring.

Magnus tells Chelsea “to stay out of harm’s way” and moves her to the other side of the ring. Meanwhile Eric has put on his buret and performs a cross body dive to the outside onto Magnus who once again goes to dance with Chelsea and kicks Magnus twice while doing it. Both men back in the ring, Magnus taken down by 2 clothes lines before he throws Eric into the corner who does his crazy flipping onto the ring apron movement and shoulder blocks Magnus through the middle ring ropes which leads to a belly to belly suplex onto Magnus which only leads to a 2 count.

Eric not wasting any time seems to attempt a powerbomb but Magnus tries to perform a pump handle slam. Eric gets out and shoots himself of the rope and Magnus finally performs the slam but once again only a 2 count. Cut to Chelsea, yep you know what she’s doing. Taz is impressed that the buret is still on Eric’s head. Eric is seated onto the top turnbuckle as Magnus climbs up to the middle rope but Eric seems to bite Magnus’ forehead which sends Magnus to the canvas and Eric sees the opportunity to perform an elbow drop. Chelsea is…yep you know not impresses again. But watch out , Magnus is back up to his feat and as Eric turns around running front kick and another pump handle slam which this time  connects but its not enough as Magnus is punching Eric again and again with Chelsea now on the apron and before you know it Orlando Jordan comes to the rescue. Magnus immediately bails. Eric is lying motionless on the mat. Orlando is very upset.

We cut straight to a recent edition of TNA Spin Cycle followed by the TNA Rewind which is footage from last week’s TNA Reaction show, detailing the master plan of THEY taking over TNA. This concludes after the commercial break.

Back from the break J.B is plugging TNA Live to which Taz asks if he is done with the gibberish and if we can get to some tag team action. I guess J.B is done as Generation Me make their way to the ring. Taz thinks the new found swagger of Gen me adds to their abilities but J.B is not in agreement. Ink Inc makes their way to the ring as well. Taz and J.B do agree that the TNA tag team division is “second to none”.

The match doesn’t start as Jeremy grabs the microphone and asks Max to look at Ink Inc’s “terrible Mohawks” and “terrible tattoos”. Ink Inc is “ready for Halloween”.  Jeremy continues.

“While us…we look absolutely amazing. Take a look at these shoes, look at these amazing pants we have, and you guys look like nothing but terrible looking clowns.”

Shannon quickly grabs the microphone from Jeremy.

“You’re the most boring looking…dancers I’ve ever seen. We were in the back and Matt and Jeff Hardy from 1995 called and they want their gear back. You know what on a serious note I don’t think you understand what Ink Inc represents. You see we represent the 1% of society that’s not afraid to represent themselves.  That’s not afraid to get a tattoo, that’s not afraid to be themselves unlike yourselves. Look at you. We represent people like him, her, we represent people like everybody in this impact zone, and like the book of dilligaf reads , do I look like I give a…”

The bell rings as the Xplosion main event is now underway as Generation Me immediately take out Jesse Neal who now finds himself outside of the ring while Shannon gets dropkicked back down to the canvas. Back from the break and Generation Me is still in control.  Taz and J.B remind us that Team 3D want a shot at the Motor City Machine guns for their last match. Jesse Neal tries to come of the ropes but is caught from the outside.

Jeremy has Jesse in a headlock which he is struggling to get out of initially but eventually he gets back to his feat and lands a few elbows to the mid section but that comeback is short lived as Jesse is slammed back down to the mat. Shannon enters the ring and as the referee ties to get him out Generation Me takes advantage as they double team Jesse by continuously kicking him. Tag is made and both members kick Jesse in the stomach on his return from the ropes, followed by Jesse Neal turning the situation around catching 1 half of Generation Me in mid air and slamming him down to the mat. Jesse manages to tag in Shannon, and he immediately performs a cross body dive followed by a jumping leg lariat or 2 off the ropes is now in complete control. Max Buck is dazed, but he reverses the Irish whip and Moore moonsaults of the top turnbuckle which leads to a 2 count as Jeremy makes the save.

Jeremy performs a variation of the spinning head kick as Jeremy turns the tables on Jesse who throws him into the referee. Shannon is thrown onto the apron courtesy of Shannon but he lands on his feet. Jeremy comes from the apron jumping from the top rope looking to hit a springboard style move but in mid air he got speared by Jesse.

Shannon is back to his feet and he rolls to avoid a steel chair shot by Max. Max then gets kicked in the face by Shannon followed by a neck breaker and a mini twist of fate. A cover is made but the referee is still down as the crowd count what should be the count for victory. “The match should be over” says J.B. He is right there.

Both members of Ink Inc try to revive the referee. Jeremy sees the opportunity to use the chair first to the stomach of Shannon and then on his back followed by the chair being rammed into Shannon’s stomach. The referee is starting to make his way back to his feet so Jeremy gets rid of the chair and alongside Max perform a double team DDT style move onto  Shannon. The same devastating move that took out Chris Sabin. That leads to a slow 3 count from the referee which means Generation me gets the win.

Back on the entrance ramp Generation Me aren’t done yet.

“Hey Shannon! Hey Jesse! You guys made one grave mistake. You chose to show a little bit of sympathy, compassion for another human being when you went to check out Brain Hebner?!”

At this point Shannon is looking enraged on his knees clinging onto the middle ring rope with his right arm and holding his back with the other. Shannon is still in pain barely sitting up on the canvas.

“You gotta know in this day and age, it’s all about me. It’s all about Generation Me!”

Max and Jeremy have clearly made a statement there. Cue the “A TNA Wrestling production” graphic which means that’s a wrap for another edition of TNA Xplosion. The legend that is Raymond Mullan will be back with you next week.


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