Shouldn’t Roode be the one getting the push?

So Mr Anderson joins Immortal, smart move I guess. Immortal has needed a lead heel since the departure of Jeff Hardy and I guess Anderson fits the bill.

I have been a little disappointed in Anderson of late in truth, he is one of the best in the business on the mic but I’m not convinced he brings much else to the table.

This could be a little harsh, I myself thought his original title reign was a little short and thought he deserved a little more time to show us what he could do and now that he holds the title, for me something about it seems a little flat. Read more of this post



Kill the streak!

Ok so it’s been a few weeks but here we go once more.

Firstly a few weeks back now I had the chance to meet an idle, Kurt Angle. I have to say I found Kurt to be very gracious and a real gentleman. I have been to signing’s in the past but have to say Kurt really took his time with everyone he met, signing not just the cards we were given but anything you had, he would sign. Read more of this post

Whats my Angle? – “Wrestling Matters”

One awesome main event!

June has arrived and this week’s a big one for us UK TNA fans with the tickets for next Januarys’ Maximum Impact Tour going on sale and the one and only Kurt Angle coming to the UK for a special meet and greet this Saturday at Wembley Arena. Read more of this post

What’s my Angle? – For Randy Savage

Future number 1 contender?

Like everyone I was deeply saddened by the death of the Macho Man Randy Savage this past weekend. Randy Savage was arguably one of the greatest performers the wrestling world has ever seen and his lose is a tragedy for all.

Some of my earliest memories of wrestling involve Randy Savage, I used to watch Hogan Vs Savage at Wrestlemania 5 over and over and my first every VHS purchase was Summerslam 89 where the main event was Randy Savage & Zeus Vs Hogan and Brutus Beefcake.

I was also privileged to actually see Randy Savage wrestle live, an experience and memory that will stay with me forever and for this reason I would like to dedicate this edition of what’s my Angle? To the Macho Man Randy Savage. Read more of this post

What’s my Angle? – “Main Event?”

Kurt Angle: Setting sights on the Main Event Scene?

Kurt Angle: Setting sights on the Main Event Scene?

I want to start by saying how great it is to see Mick Foley back on Impact, he was always the best choice for the network exec and if this past week’s impact is anything to go by then we’re in for a fun packed ride in the weeks to come.

Foley has always been one of my favourites, his personality transcends everything and he is just the type of guy that no matter what he does you just can’t help but like him. Read more of this post

What’s My Angle?

Main Event Ankle Lock!

Main Event Ankle Lock!

I could start and end this instalment of What’s My Angle with one sentence “Kurt Angle in the main event on Impact!” what more needs to be said about this past Tuesdays show. In all seriousness I really enjoyed this week’s Impact and unlike others (sorry Ray) I was pleased that we were given a week off from the Sting, RVD and Mr Anderson show.

For weeks now I have been growing tired of the same old  thing with the same three guys week after week so when Impact opened and Immortal were in the ring with Sting and RVD on the outside I was feeling a serious case of déjà vu. What a relief though when Fortune hit the ring and Bobby Roode took the mic and verbally thrashed Hogan. Read more of this post

What’s My Angle?

Bully Ray

Bully Ray: Cut one impressive Promo on iMPACT!

                       Well just when you thought I’d disappeared; here I am with another WHAT’S MY ANGLE!…Rant!

Now I’ve been absent a few weeks and upon my return I’m confronted with IMPACT! WRESTLING, errrrrrrrrrrr, what? I take it that Impact wrestling is a direct response to the fact that the competition has decided to drop wrestling from it product all together? Anyone fill me in on this or simply give me your thoughts on this re-brand and the whole point of it? Read more of this post

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