Sting becoming a 4 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion this week on Impact Wrestling

A little bit late this week but nonetheless, here is my weekly rundown of this weeks edition of Impact Wrestling Hits & Misses…


Evil Clowns
Since they are going down the “joker” thing with Sting, it only made sense they used the first part (minus the bus and they didnt shoot each other) of “The Dark Knight”. In a way im glad they didnt use this to introduce new wrestlers to our screens as that would have sucked, but using Fortune was great, as it kept the ongoing feud alive with Immortal alive by the clowns attacking members one by one, plus its quite funny to see Karen screaming and running in heels (should always look in the back seat of cars before getting into them). Gunner looked the strongest of Immortal by wanting to go out looking for them but didnt expect getting jumped by all 4 of them

Samoa Joe vs The Pope vs Robert Roode
Although I like the BFG Series and this week they have stated that there are 8 weeks left but they havent stated how many matches everyone will compete in? So someone like Crimson can have 10 matches but Gunner could have like 5 (in theory). However the match itself was good, playing up more to that Joe thinks he’s keeps gettng screwed by the referee. The match may have lasted 5 minutes or so but it kept all the action coming fast, which was good, the ending I thought was cleverly played out, The pope kicked off the apron and Joe constantly going for the 10 points in any match and it always backfires on him. Hopefully Joe bounces back soon and starts earning some points.

Bound For Glory hype
Over 3 months away and already im a little bit excited for it! Having the BFG competitors taking about how much it means and Kurt saying what the big show means, you dont see that happening in WWE. Im glad that TNA are taking their biggest show on the road, but part of me would like them to do that with all their PPV events (and hopefully one of them over here in the UK where TNA kicks ass in the ratings!)

The British Invasion vs Mexican America
Good hype from Magus before the match, glad to see some people are still taking tag team wrestling seriously! While Anarquia just seems like a really piss poor version of Chavo Guerrero. The match itself was good one of the better matches on tonights Impact Wrestling, but why after saying that “los prostitutos” wouldn’t get involved they had to give the screwy ending to it? I dont think this is gonna end here tonight id expect to see more between these two teams in the very near future before one of them gets their title shot.

Kurt Angle promo
YES! Money on the promo! Kurt hyping up both his potential opponents, nice for him mentioning his past with both men kinda sets the thought of he doesnt care who wins, one of them is gonna tap! Angle claiming no matter who he faces he will walk out of Hardcore Justice the new champion!


Mr Anderson vs Sting
And the new transitional champion is ….. Mr Anderson! Way too quick to remove the belt off of Anderson, I would have loved to see Anderson successfully defend the title atleast once! So atleast we were led to believe with the Evil Clowns taking out Immortal one by one we would get to see a fair match, but then to have Angle come out and help Sting win the title just seems a weird move to make considering Angle will now face Sting at Hardcore Justice, im gonna go out on a limb and say that somehow Sting retains at Hardcore Justice and feud with Hogan for the title.

Opening Segment
Im still praying that one day I tune into Impact Wrestling and they open with a match and not a segment with 3 guys in their 50’s while watching that segment, everyone in that ring has a combined age of 354 which averages out to 44 (Sorry Gunner you just gained 15 years). Lets face it these guys (barring Gunner and the clowns) are not the future of this business, why not open up with someone who has the potential to be the next big wrestler, better yet why not throw some fresh blood into the World Heavyweight Title picture?? One day…. I have hope…. But nonetheless good promos from all kept short and sweet and straight to the point.

Austin Aries vs Shannon Moore
Will the Book of Diligaf ever go away?? Shame to see no real proper hype up for Austin Aries just a quick 15 second look at the 4 way match at Destination X, the match itself was good and some cool high spots from Moore, the ending however was just poor! After his match at Destination X, Aries uses a chain to win, just not the road to start him on! Nice to see Alex Shelly coming to the ring afterwards to question Aries about the chain was ok, im guessing we are going to see a reiginition to the old “paparazzi productions” feud which i would like to see as long that they give them decent time to build and work the matches.

Tara vs Madison Rayne
So if this was meant to be the blow off between these two, could TNA done anything more to make it feel so meaningless?? For one they brought back that damn spider! Not to mention Madison getting all excited by a present from her opponent? SERIOUSLY?? If this is the end of the feud (which I hope it is!) then this should in theory give Madison the chance to start going back for the Knockouts title and hopefully give Tara the chance to start working with the younger knockouts and help develop their in ring skills (Miss Tessmacher being one of them)

Next Weeks Hype
This is just a small annoyance I have with TNA, dont get me wrong its good they are advertising stuff for next week but there are a few issues I have with it, first of all Velvet Sky is the number 1 contender for the Knockouts title all of a sudden?!?! Seriously?? Just no proper hype into a title match with these two, no number 1 contenders match?? Fine Ok ill buy that for now. Secondly after their big matches at Destination X, Shelly gets his title match against Kendrick?? This should be on a PPV not to mention they are building up Shelly/Aries rivalry.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship
Bit random that I have given a title a miss, my reason behind it is that lately the title doesnt seem meaningful! So far this year the title has changed hands 5 times (since January 2011) and twice it has changed hands on the weekly show. To me the World Heavyweight Championship is your main title, its the belt everyone wants, its the one title that will make everyone have their big match with so why ruin it by having a 10 minute or so match on TV to crown a new champion?? It takes value away from it, it should be saved for the big shows like PPV events, id just hope that this belt doesnt go down the route of the WCW World title did and devalue it anymore.

So thats it for this weeks Hits & Misses, as always feel free to leave any comments below or on twitter at


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