Sting becoming a 4 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion this week on Impact Wrestling

A little bit late this week but nonetheless, here is my weekly rundown of this weeks edition of Impact Wrestling Hits & Misses…


Evil Clowns
Since they are going down the “joker” thing with Sting, it only made sense they used the first part (minus the bus and they didnt shoot each other) of “The Dark Knight”. In a way im glad they didnt use this to introduce new wrestlers to our screens as that would have sucked, but using Fortune was great, as it kept the ongoing feud alive with Immortal alive by the clowns attacking members one by one, plus its quite funny to see Karen screaming and running in heels (should always look in the back seat of cars before getting into them). Gunner looked the strongest of Immortal by wanting to go out looking for them but didnt expect getting jumped by all 4 of them

Samoa Joe vs The Pope vs Robert Roode
Although I like the BFG Series and this week they have stated that there are 8 weeks left but they havent stated how many matches everyone will compete in? So someone like Crimson can have 10 matches but Gunner could have like 5 (in theory). However the match itself was good, playing up more to that Joe thinks he’s keeps gettng screwed by the referee. The match may have lasted 5 minutes or so but it kept all the action coming fast, which was good, the ending I thought was cleverly played out, The pope kicked off the apron and Joe constantly going for the 10 points in any match and it always backfires on him. Hopefully Joe bounces back soon and starts earning some points. Read more of this post



IMPACT Wrestling Zone - Orlando, FL.

IMPACT Wrestling Zone - Orlando, FL.

TNA taped the next two weeks of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion on Monday and Tuesday at the Impact Wrestling Zone, Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. These will air in the UK on Tuesday 19th & 26th of July on Challenge. WARNING THIS REPORT CONTAINS SPOILERS for upcoming episodes of IMPACT Wrestling and Xplosion – DO NOT READ on if you wish to avoid spoilers. Otherwise, click the “read more of this post” option at the end of this paragraph. Read more of this post


IMPACT Wrestling: “The Anderson Ultimatum"

IMPACT Wrestling: “The Anderson Ultimatum"

IMPACT Wrestling: “The Anderson Ultimatum”
Tuesday 12th July 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Immortal call out Mr. Anderson, letting him know he has until the end of the show to make up his mind as to whether he’s with Immortal or against them.
Crimson d. Bobby Roode  to gain 7 pts in the BFG Series
Kendrick gives Abyss his mask back, but pays the price!
Jack Evans d. Jesse Sorensen and Tony Nese to earn a spot at Destination X and a chance at an IMPACT Wrestling contract.
Douglas Williams gets the word out that he is issuing an open challenge at Destination X!
Velvet Sky d. ODB & Jackie in a handicap match meaning ODB & Jackie are gone from TNA.
Rob Van Dam d. Christopher Daniels, AJ Styles & Jerry Lynn in a Four Way Match.
Devon & D’Angelo Dinero d. Matt Morgan & James Storm in a BFG Series Match.
Hulk Hogan attacks Sting backstage, taking him out of the main event match.
Immortal (Bully Ray, Abyss, Scott Steiner & Gunner) d. Kurt Angle & Sting, after Mr. Anderson faked helping Angle and instead attacked him and joined Immortal!

Welcome to this weeks report for iMPACT Wrestling. Now I should tell you I have actually watched Destination X before I have sat down to do this report, so I will try to write this report without giving anything away.

We start this week show with a recap of last week where we see how Sting attacked Hulk Hogan. Read more of this post


IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff's Crimson Mask"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff's Crimson Mask"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff’s Crimson Mask”
Tuesday 28th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Jeff Jarrett is forced to keep his word and move to Mexico
Sting attacks Eric Bischoff and smears him with red paint
Bully Ray d. Scott Steiner in a BFG Series match after using a chain for a tainted victory
Bischoff asks Mr. Anderson to reconsider his offer of a spot in Immortal
ODB & Jackie d. Velvet Sky & Ms. Tessmacher
A war of words between Madison Rayne and Tara ahead of their July 14th match
Matt Morgan & Crimson d. Beer Money in a BFG Series Tag Match
AJ announces his return to the X-Division at Destination X, agrees to a match with Daniels, who overlooks Samoa Joe who seemed set to offer a rematch of their legendary Unbreakable Three-Way.
Samoa Joe takes out his frustrations by attacking Kazarian backstage
Zima Ion d. Federico Palacios & Dakota Darsow to progress to Destination X and a chance at an IMPACT Wrestling contract.
Winter d. TNA Knockouts Champ Mickie James in a non-title bout following interference from Angelina Love
Abyss d. Sting via DQ after Sting uses a Barbed Wire glove to cut him open as Mr. Anderson looked on.

I’ll start by apologizing again for the lateness of the report have got a few things taking up my time at the mo. So if Ray can’t get the usually graphics and stuff up as I know he is busy for a bit himself too so I hope it doesn’t spoil your enjoyment of this weeks column.

The show opens with a recap of the events of last week between Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle. We head inside to the iMPACT Wrestling Zone and Jeff is talking to Eric Bischoff about how he comments last week were a joke. Eric says the Network want it to stand, and anyway they need a guy in Mexico to make the rules down their and Jeff would be perfect. Good stuff and this explains why I have been seeing bits about Jeff being in Mexico and winning titles down their, this could be a really good angle for TNA. Read more of this post

IMPACT Wrestling Report: “No Tricks, No Gimmicks” – 14/06/11

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

IMPACT Wrestling: “No tricks, No Gimmicks"

IMPACT Wrestling: “No Tricks, No Gimmicks”
Tuesday 14th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

The war of words continues between Sting and Mr. Anderson ahead of Slammiversary
Winter & Angelina Love d. Mickie James & Tara thanks to Interference from Madison Rayne
Footage from the Samoa Joe/Crimson bar fight
Mexican America d. James Storm and Alex Shelley w/BobbyRoode
 Jeff Jarrett had some final words for Kurt Angle before their huge bout at Slammiversary
Abyss challenges Kazarian and Brian Kendrick to a 3-Way Match at Slammiversary
Rob Van Dam d. Bully Ray
 Velvet Sky d. ODB
 Mr. Anderson & Gunner d. Sting & Eric Young

We open the show with a recap of last weeks events and ultimately the firing of Mick Foley. Am interested to see how this episode pans out as the go home show before Slammiversary. I have seen no spoilers for either so sit back and enjoy the ride.

As you can expect first out tonight is Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. Hogan tells us that as of now the Network have 100% confidence in them. Is it me but sometimes when they want to get something over they pump crowd noise in? Bischoff also tells us that they will also now present the X Division in a fair and balanced manner. Read more of this post

TNA Xplosion Report – 08/06/2011

TNA Xplosion: Anarquia vs. Devon

TNA Xplosion: Anarquia vs. Devon

TNA Xplosion
Wednesday 8th June 2011 – 12am on Challenge

Devon d. Anarquia to advance in the TNA Xplosion Championship Challenge
TNA Spin Cycle: Filmed in front of a live crowd at the Manchester Fan Party, featuring Magnus, Johnny Moss, Kip James and BG James
TNAOnDemand Match of the Week: Beer Money Inc. vs. Team 3D from Slammiversary 2009
Before the Bell: Slammiversary – Interviews with TNA’s finest on Slammiversary
IMPACT Wrestling Rewind: Kurt Angle/Jeff Jarrett video package

Jeremy Borash, Taz and Desmond Wolfe are in position for the opening of Xplosion this week, where Wolfe announces the next match of the Championship Challenge – Devon vs. Anarquia. He then beats a hasty retreat, stating he has some business to take care of in the back. Read more of this post

IMPACT Wrestling Report: “Bischoff got Served” – 07/06/2011

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Mick Foley...You're Fired!"

IMPACT Wrestling: “Bischoff got Served”
Tuesday 7th June 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Eric Bischoff & Hulk Hogan reveal that Mick Foley has been fired!
Karen Jarrett is rushed to hospital
Jeff Jarrett & Scott Steiner d. Kurt Angle & Matt Morgan
Confrontation between AJ Styles and Bully Ray
 Brian Kendrick and Kazarian wrestled to a non-finish following interference by Abyss
 Eric Young (“The Not-So-Great Muta”) d. Mr. Anderson
 Angelina Love w/Winter d. Miss Tessmacher
 Crimson d. Matt Hardy
 Alex Shelley takes Robert Roode’s place to defend the Tag-Titles at Slammiversary
 ODB attacks Velvet Sky

Welcome to this weeks report on Impact Wrestling. I’ll start by apologising if this report is slightly late online I have been very busy this week and not had time to view this weeks episode in advance so am writing this Tuesday evening not long before the show airs. One thing I am hoping for tonight is more wrestling than last week. If the don’t then “Wrestling Matters” will start to look silly and fast. Read more of this post

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