IMPACT Wrestling: “Anderson Center Stage” – 31/05/2011

IMPACT Wrestling: “Anderson Center Stage”

IMPACT Wrestling: “Anderson Center Stage”

IMPACT Wrestling – “Anderson Center Stage”
Tuesday 31st May 2011 – 10pm on Challenge

Kurt Angle d. Rob Van Dam
Eric Young d. Gunner to win the Television Title
Abyss d. Brian Kendrick to retain the X-Division Title
Mickie James d. Winter
Mick Foley confronts Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff regarding their treatment of the X-Division, hints that Destination X will be an all X-Division PPV.
 Jeff Jarrett d. Matt Morgan
 Eric Bischoff informs Beer Money that if the injured Bobby Roode cannot compete at Slammiversary, they will be stripped of the Tag-Team Titles.
 Samoa Joe d. Amazing Red
 Velvet Sky calls out ODB looking for an explanation for her recent actions.
 Mr. Anderson (dressed as Old School Sting) hosts the first ever “Scorpion Sit Down” with Disco Inferno. Attacks Disco, Sting makes the save.
 AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels d. Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer in a Street Fight

Impact Wrestling opens this week with a graphic of one of my all time favorite wrestlers the late great Randy “Macho Man Savage” Poffo.

I would like to welcome you to my first review here on the site of Impact Wrestling, I would like to thank Ray and all the guys here at for asking me to take over reviewing the show. I hope you enjoy my take on this weeks show.

We then cut to a nice video package of Sting and Anderson who I have to say made a very convincing 90’s Sting, maybe they could form a tag team after the feud a sort of then and now…Just a thought.

After the brilliant new Impact Wrestling opening we get straight to an opening match obviously because “Wrestling Matters”. It is a Street Fight Tag match with Tommy Dreamer and the man who is currently my favorite on the roster Bully Ray Vs AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels. AJ comes down wearing the neck brace. I have to say he is walking really well for a guy with a bad neck.

A nice match here with some good physicality for both teams, Styles and Daniels win after a spiked pile driver on Dreamer. My only problem is this could have been a PPV match and I hope that this isn’t the end of the feud.

Winner AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

Up next is the Scorpion Sit Down. Sting getting to host his own “show” I guess as the World Champ he can do these type of things. Only we get Anderson again as Old Skool Sting. Out comes his guest Disco Inferno, this is a brilliant segment really helping Anderson turn. He cuts Disco off every time he speaks and after Disco praises Sting, Anderson goes on about how its his show and he is going to bury Sting. I loved it when Disco called Anderson a D***. Anderson’s face was a picture. Also it was a nice touch with Disco repeating it using the drop down mic before Anderson laid him out obviously. It is made better with Disco bleeding too, could he do a job on the roster maybe helping younger guys get over or as a manage as the guy can speak? Sting came out to help Disco and Anderson bailed through the crowd.

Anderson’s turn is going at a nice pace and I like the use of old WCW guys like Disco in the process I hope they continue doing this sort of thing. Anderson is currently one of the top workers anywhere around, he is so good in the ring and on the mic.

So we cut to the back and see Velvet Sky Walking, is it just me or are these walking segments pointless? The announcers can do the talking as the talent is coming out to the ring. Walking segments in the back just waste time. At least have some interaction but not just walking.

In the back still (glad to see the wrestling matters!) and Eric Young goes into the bathroom to talk to Gunner about the TV title. Eric is so much fun we really should have lots mor EY. Basically this sets up a match for the TV championship and EY’s fake belt.

Still more talking (hello you said WRESTLING MATTERS) as Velvet comes out to the ring. She promptly calls out ODB. So not only have we really not ended the feud for Velvet with Winter and Agelina she is now starting one with ODB, this all just seems strange booking to me! Velvet also does not come across as particularly strong on the mic, I did however have to laugh at the comment from ODB about the silicone in Velvets chest. Has ODB looked in the mirror at herself?

Ok so obviously Wrestling still Matters as we now go to another segment in the back involving Beer Money and Eric Bischoff. Around 1/2 hour into the show and we have only had 1 match. Don’t tell me Wrestling Matters and give me no wrestling! Eric basically tells Beer Money that they have 3 weeks for Bobby Roode to heal his arm.

Now we have Pope talking about Devon this is getting daft now!

So after a pep talk from Kurt we have Matt Morgan Vs Jeff Jarrett. Jeff makes his way out with Karen who tonight is supported with a crutch. Nice interaction at the start of the match with Hebner saying Karen had to sit at the bottom of the ramp not ringside. The Jarretts as you would expect were not too happy.

A nice match and gives Morgan a little push that he needs and continues his feud with Stiener who interfered at the end of the bout while Hebner was dealing with Karen who had previously interfered, she could have got Jeff DQ’d if Earl was on the ball. I think Morgan working with Stiener will help him and move him onto the next level.

Winner No Contest

So now we have Eric in the ring saying how he loves everyone and he introduces Hogan who comes out with a swagger. We get all the stuff about how his meeting went on last week with the Network Execs in New York, and how they came to the conclusion that Hogan was the man to sail the ship. As expected Mick Foley comes out and interupts as they were going on about how Eric had gotten rid of the X Division. Mick tells us that he showed the Network how the X Division put the company on the map and Hogan had just PO’d them. So the up shot is were getting Ultimate X in July at Destination X.

As Hogan was trying to make a match between Abyss and Foley Kendrick and the other X Division guys come out. Kendrick again talks nonsense. Somehow though he ends up in the match instead of Foley against Abyss for the X Division title.

More garbage now with Winter (who is worth much more than this) and Angelina. If anyone can tell me at all what is going on with this whole thing I would be made up. It is truly the worst thing on Impact Wrestling at the moment.

We now have a match involving Winter Vs Mickie James. These are 2 of the best women on the roster, both can go if Winter can get rid of the silly gimick then I would love to see these two feud along the line. Mickie wins with the jumping DDT.

Winner Mickie James

After the match Angelina attacks Mickie because Winter was busted open. So now I have no idea where they are going with this at all.

Abyss and Kendrick was due up next but Kaz attacked Abyss in the back. Kendrick makes his way to the ring 1st. Abyss comes out limping from what I didn’t think was that much of a bad attack. Abyss wins the match after the Black Hole Slam. I just can’t see how burying the X Division as they are at the mo can help the PPV Destination X.

Winner and still X Division Championship Abyss

All I will say is Abyss looks scary without his bottom teeth.

Next up we have EY Vs Gunner for the TV Championship, which Gunner holds but EY is in possesion of after the Battle Royal a few weeks ago and the attack by Gunner last week when he took the wrong belt from EY after a beat down. Of course Gunner now has the belt that EY picked up from the bin. Following? No. Good neither am I. Confused booking for me, although it is quite entertaining.

No EY was supposed to just lay down after Gunner touches him with a finger in this match, EY however went back on his word and rolled Gunner up to become the New TV Champion.

Winner Eric Young

I loved the running match after the main contest. EY will add much more as TV Champion he at least has something about him.

Main Event time now. Mike Tennay and Taz are joined on commentary by the Jarrets.

RVD is out followed by Kurt Angle. JB is in the ring to do the introductions as you have to do a Main Event properly.

What do you need to say about these two guys they told a good wrestling story and the Jarretts on commentary added to it and hyped the final match between Kurt and Jeff at Slammiversary. Jeff on commentary being gutted so much when Kurt hit the Olympic slam and the win was brilliant. As Impact Wrestling went off air Karen says Jeff will not be alone at Slammiversary.

Winner Kurt Angle.

For an organisation that are promoting Wrestling Matters for me there was not enough wrestling however the main event was a good match. Some stories were progressed nicely but some were just sort of left like Winter and Velvet! As for the X Division how does burying it just over a month before Destination X help? Unless of course they have something big up their sleeve. Only time will tell.

Thanks for joining me for my first Impact Wrestling review and I’ll catch you all next Tuesday Night.

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One Response to IMPACT Wrestling: “Anderson Center Stage” – 31/05/2011

  1. wh00ps says:

    Not enough wrestling by far… but!
    Don’t the promos seem better? Even Hulk is better on the Mic… I actually wondered if before his surgery he was popping the pain pills and slowing his brain down some.
    I absolutely LOVED the Eric Young win… they are really hitting all the right notes with this guy, I wasn’t sure at first but it’s a fantastic counterpoint to all the heavy stuff. I liked the idea with mixing up the Angle/JJ feud too… gives some more talent some tv time.
    I totally agree with the Winter thing. Love is playing it well, but it’s still a poor story and I’m not pressed with Winter at all, either in the ring or out of it. Bet they wish they hadn’t let all the better Knockouts go..!
    I’d have liked to see KendrIck win, but I suppose they are building heat for destination x. The guy is good, speaks well and holds his own in the ring. They just need to persuade him to lose the jobber trunks and boots.. the look is all he’s missing.

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